DLIKE Sponsor Report #30

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Hello Steemians!

Here is weekly report of 30th week for delegators

Dranks is no more in dlike 2.0

Few hours ago we have rolled out dlike 2.0 in which dranks has been changed with daily winners for which details will be announced in a separate post

Dlike V2.0 Launched

Beta version of dlike 2.0 is launched and we are waiting for your feedbacks on this major update..

Weekly Sponsor Rewards

We are thankful to all our sponsors. Payments for delegations steem and sbd has already been made and the token payments will show in your accounts as new wallet is added to the dlike system.

We are thankful to @fundition for all the support of upcoming developments.

 @freedom | @lukestokes |@holbein81 | @shellyduncan | @taskmaster4450 | @bitshares101 | @rosatravels | @michelios

Delegate Your SP to Dlike

We are giving daily tokens equal to amount you delegate to dlike.

If you delegate 1000 SP, you will get daily 1000 dlike tokens (paid weekly on each Monday) plus 5% beneficiary reward plus instant bonus tokens.

100 SP | 200 SP | 300 SP | 500 SP | 1000 SP | 5000 SP | 10000 SP | 15000 SP | 20000 SP | 100000 SP

Follow @dlike for all future updates!

Join our Discord channel for feedback & questions.

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Check out my :DLIKE! Logo idea! Just : makes all the difference!


cool one. We are now offering dlike top banner to be made by community members and we post it with designer username onto it. If you want you can get into that also!


Nice, thanks!

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New site looks good but I can't find my current tokens

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I was just looking for the same thing!


We are working on explorer and wallet and it will be available on site soon!


Oh, that's great! Looking forward to seeing and testing it :)

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