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RE: The Day the Paywalls Died: How Steem’s Smart Media Token Saved My Family’s Newspaper

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You obviously have a business brain on your head @donkeypong - Im not sure if I followed how it worked completely so I will have to read it a few times.
I got the jist of it but I got lost a couple of times. I am an artist not a businessman but I have an interest is how crypto-currencly and blockchain technology can play a part in changing how businesses are run in the future. The story sounds like a great script for a film I might add.

Only the other day I was thinking how in fact the crypto world is only just beginning. Even though Bitcoin is rising and millions are flocking to it, I think a great deal of these new investors are just trying to make a quick buck.
IMO they are treating Bitcoin and other coins like stocks and shares without actually understanding what blockchain tech is really about. But in a sense that doest matter at this stage
I see your meaning here, what we need to happen is for something similar to your story to show the sceptics and the ordinary Joe or Jane in the street just how powerful the world will change, and for the benefit of everyone, once crypto currency becomes part of daily life.
My grandmother used to say; Be careful what yo wish for because it stands a good chance of coming true". Meaning if someone has a will they ill surely find a way.
Really enjoyed it.


That's all true, except for the part about me having a business brain.

donkeypong - Like arthuradamson, I too am an artist/writer, and I flowed right through the phenomenal success of the family business, stroking and swimming past every cryptocurrency concept that I don't yet understand. The story line was completely real in my own head, like watching Michael Douglas devour vulnerable companies in hostile takeovers on "Wall Street." Didn't have a clue how the concept worked but instinctively understood the heartbeat of the drama. You're really good, and you certainly have enough of a business brain to scam an artist!

Maybe I missed a calling as a scam artist. :) My intent was to open up possibilities so people start thinking about what they can achieve with these SMTs.

Well, you certainly caught this fish in your dragnet, and that is slightly miraculous because not only am I clueless about cryptocurrency, but I am also dragging myself out of Technophobia. Literally. Heart palpitations every time the computer acts in a bizarre manner and does some strange thing of its own volition. Your post about a revolutionary concept in the family business model is so convincing that I am finally beginning to focus on learning what I need to know. That means that your influence is powerful enough to change behavior. So be careful. The Deep State will now begin to study you. (Don't know how to make that little smiley thing)

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