Smoothie making with the kids: locally picked figs, grapes & blackberries

in smoothie •  2 months ago

I make a family sized smoothie every day but this day was a little bit special because lots of the fruit & berries had been picked just outside our home by the kids and in truth it was a bit of a test run to see how it went down...

snap 36.jpg

This is what little girls look like when they try to eat the lime.

snap 34.jpg

Last but not least the mint from the garden. Naturally the kids always do this bit for me ;)

snap 35.jpg

Superfood herbs added to the fruit & berries:

  • Moringa
  • Spirulina
  • Tumeric

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Wholesome Life !!


We are not doing too bad here ;)

The next house will have a bit more space for growing vegetables!


You can do Owner Financing for a quick sale.. Bonus in interest. Passive income. Use the down payment to get Land and build a small house that can take an addition or 2.. Just a suggestion..


Thanks for the thought but we are just renting here and looking to leave France next year on a long international adventure with the kids, which will hopefully last ten years or more. Eventually we will put down the roots but this will most likely not be in Europe.


Excellent.. You sure are living the good Life ! Cheers mate.

That smoothie looks amazing yum yum!
Oh, and I've never used moringa before, gonna do my research on its health benefits, thanks for sharing.


Do check out Moringa. It's an amazing one.

Hey... and welcome to Steemit!


Thanks Sam, will do!

nice! I got one of those bullet blenders and I was on a big smoothie kick eating fresh from the garden with superfoods everyday and I got super fat so I quit.


That doesn't sound right? Fruit & superfoods can't make you fat. What else were you adding in there?


It turns out that calories act according to the laws of physics even when vegan and organic. Don't tell me you haven't seen any fat vegans. I would usually do an apple some kale, carrot, mint, sunflower seeds, (those will fatten you up) turmeric, hempseed (this will also make you fat), chia seeds (also fattening) and some frozen organic berries.


Pretty sure i've never met a fat vegan. Though most vegans I've spent time with seem to know their stuff much more than I do.

Your ingredients are amazing! Rather than stop the smoothies all together why not decrease the amount of seeds? Sunflower seeds are known to help weight loss... assuming we don't eat too many of them.


I think they just had a lot of fat and calories, if I plant more kale next year I might spin a few up. I just drink powdered superfood drinks now. I have a brown "supergreens" drink that I really like and I mix a scoop of that with a scoop of my pre-workout "explosion" and then later I have a green "supergreens" and another scoop of "Explosion". The brown greens drink has a bunch of medicinal mushrooms in it.