Tropical Pineapple Smoothie - off topic

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Hi everybody,

do you like a pineapple? Do you like a smoothie? And what about a tropical pineapple smoothie? I would recommend that it so refreshing and easy to prepare! Much better than common orange smoothie :-)


Yess I like pineapple juice

Yeah most of the tropical fruits are soo fresh.
Tropical pineapple 🍍 is sweeter

Yeah, I love mango as well! Actually, it's the best fruit on the earth :-p

My daughter love to drink pineapple. It is good for digestion..she got an upset stomach last week but after drinking pineapple shes fine now..nice post anyway

I'm glad a pineapple helped to your daughter! Is she in your profile photo? :-) Thanks!

Yes the small sweet little girl in the picture:)

Yeah, she is so cute :-)

it's really special .

Yes, it tastes specially :-)

love pineapple juice because of its vitamins. its also soo refreshing.. 😄 and delicious.

Yes, so many vitamins, it is refreshing, delicious...without any doubt!

Thank you very much! :-)

I like it much. One if my favourite.
Hey brother. How are you...