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Hi Guys !!! ^^
Drinking a Custard-apple smoothie like a healthy way to start your day. Every day, I drink a smoothie in the morning or in the evening. This smoothie helps to beautify the skin and increase resistance. I am taking this smoothie to lose weight, I remove starches from my meals.


My family and I love Custard-apple smoothie. It's refreshing summer drink
Making this Custard-apple smoothie is fairly simple, you only need a blender.



  • 1/2 Custard-apple
  • Milk : 200ml
  • Sugar : 30g
  • Condensed milk : 2 small boxes
  • 1 cup ice cubes
  • Coconut ice cream( This material is not necessary, if you like the aroma of coconut, don't forget it.)

Wearing gloves and remove seeds


I use a combination of condensed milk and sugar. Blend ice cubes, milk, sweetened condensed milk, Ice cream, sugar in a blender until very smooth.




Add the Custard-apple frest and blend again until smooth. Check for sweetness !
Serve immediately.
It is so smooth and sweet, and it makes a perfect meal.

Drink it with a straw heheheh and serve in a glass. With the ingredients, I've got 4 cups of smoothie. Awesome and very healthy too! haha

Thanks for reading <3

Have a nice day !!!

Made by @a-alice


Looks yummy!
like you nails BTW

Hahaa thank you😆

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