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This might be my second or third post about this on Steem and unfortunately here I am again, the same difficulty in front of me with the same failures behind me. Quitting cigarettes. Of course the posts where I failed and started smoking again are missing from my Steem profile but maybe 3rd time's the charm.


I've been smoking for about ten years now with some breaks here and there, I grew up in a nice school where only a few students were smokers and we didn't even start drinking until we were 14-15 which is pretty uncommon for Finns. I never understood the addiction to smoke at the time, looking at smokers and thinking "why don't they just quit? It can't be that hard", oh boy was I young and naive. As I was making my way to mandatory military training I remember everyone saying "yeah that's where they get ya, everyone starts smoking there cause of the pressure and stress" but I didn't take those seriously cause I never had those problems and I was sure I would not face them. I was right, for the most part, I didn't start smoking for most of my military training except the last couple months when things died down and there wasn't a lot to do and we were just hanging out doing nothing with some smoker roommates. You could pretty much say I started smoking out of boredom as dumb as that sounds like it's unfortunately true.

I was probably in the best shape of my life at the time and I didn't see smoking as something bad right then and there. I used to run 10-15 kms per day and took smoke breaks now and then cause it just tasted amazing to me at the time and as long as I'm still being healthy with everything else this could not hurt much, could it? Well shortly after we had to move and being in a new place without knowing many my good habits of running and working out quickly turned into gaming and being up late procrastinating online while continuously smoking.

To keep this post a bit shorter and cut out all the years of smoking I wanna get to the last few years where it really has started taking its toll. For the past couple years I've been feeling unlike myself, self-diagnosed I'd blame it on thyroid and cholesterol but who knows haven't been on a checkup yet. You may wonder why that is and I'd tell you you're not the only one wondering that. Maybe it's self-destructiveness, I read somewhere that each human has that ability built in and some just tend to do it more often than others, I don't know. To tell you the whole truth it would get quite personal and bring up a lot of other things that may have an effect on everything I would not want to share here today yet, maybe some time in the future, who knows.

I think this would be a good time to take a break, try really hard to get rid of many bad habits I've amassed over the years and feel a bit healthier and in a better situation for HF21 as Steem is still my main focus. I'll also be posting a bit more than usual, it usually goes in waves where I don't post much for a long time as I have other things outside the chain to do but still for Steem and some other times like these when either everything is flowing well (which hasn't been the case lately) or there just isn't much to do for me personally where I get back to posting. For now though I'm gonna try and force myself to take a break from all the other responsibilities, maybe try and not talk to others as much during the next few days as I'm quitting smoking - don't take it personally if I'm not replying or acknowledging your comments on my posts during this period - and hopefully I'll be back better than ever with the new HF to make the most out of what the new changes bring and make it possible.

I am still very hopeful and looking forward to how I can help out the most not just myself but everyone I deem worthy of being a good Steemian on our chain. For now, wish me luck, the image above are my last three cigs that took me forever to put in that position with shaky hands which has also caused my lines when drawing to not be the best they can be. Hopefully that will go back to normal after a few weeks of non-smoking.

This time around I'm going to try and be honest if I fail with quitting and maybe write some more posts about my progress throughout it. I'll also be using an app called QuitNow which counts the time and money I've saved so far by not smoking and also drops in some achievements and statistics of your health which are pretty interesting, will keep you up to date on that too.

If you've been in a similar situation as I am now and managed to quit and have some good advice for someone attempting to go cold turkey in a very hot climate, now would be a good time to hear them - I'm mostly planning on curating, writing and watching a ton of anime to get the time to go as fast as possible but I fully expect to sweat a lot, be restless, get annoyed quickly, do some collateral damage and keep bugging my roommate to give me "just one last cig" even though I've told him like 3 times so far not to listen to me when the time comes.

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I quit about 10 years ago, cold turkey. I would like to say it was easy, as it was not. 10 years later, still not easy. They hardest part was not the actual stopping, it was managing the triggers. The after a large meal, or that part of the commute into work, or simply the quiet time in the morning. I had to break those, not smoking was much easier when I found away to reprogram my mind to stop the desire during those trigger points. Saying that, I still want them. I miss the taste, the occasional buzz, and just the relaxing nature of getting a minute to myself. I am also a firm believer, that people quit when they are ready to quit, not before. If you are ready to quit and want to, not need to, but want to, you will quit.

The large meal trigger is pretty bad, dessert anyone? :)

Well, dear @acidyo, it is the first time I write to you, even if by fame I have known you for a long time, I was attracted to this post by the photo of those 3 cigarettes, then reading what you wrote I would like to express a few concepts about smoking. I hate smoking, I always hated it, I never started smoking because smoking took my grandfather from me because of lung cancer 39 years ago (I'm pretty big), so I never felt the desire to smoke, not even to try. One of the factors that helped my partner quit smoking, after 30 years of smoking she quit 15 years ago, her father also died in the same year as my grandfather (even after only 10 days one on the other hand, really a strange case ...), I never gave her any respite, I was a constant "breaking of balls" on the smoke, until a gift was made, finally stopping. I have to take something in your head, you have to convince yourself that smoking is pure shit for your body, looking in your mind for something to hold onto to stop smoking, it's never too late to do it, even if it won't take you to extreme consequences will you get constant damage to your body, sometimes irreversible, and how much money you will save on medicines, cigarettes and health ??? So many, so many, you know, so when you turn on that cigarette disgust, think of the words of an Italian loser who hasn't hurt himself with smoking, 50 years ago the consequences of smoking were still unknown, now you don't they are more mitigating, smoking is very wrong and very harmful to your health.

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  1. Stop smoking
  2. Buy STEEM
  3. ???
  4. Profit!

:p yeah

lol I remember you were in my first or second post about this as well, how time flies

Good luck. <3

codl turkey

damn this would've been a much better title :(

I heard you miss it forever; which always seemed daunting, but that's absolutely not the case.
I'll go months without thinking about it; even surrounded by smokers now it holds no appeal or temptation.

Thanks, needed to hear that after some of the other comments in here.

I quit for two years after our first baby. Once our 2nd and third came at the same time (twins) I am back at it. I tell myself right now that i am working on other things (which is partially true) and smoking will come later. I am still constantly working out so that makes me feel a little better about it. Fucking sucks.

Well, if it makes you feel better I've seen several studies where they concluded on average it takes 3-4 attempts for a person to actually quit smoking. So, you're certainly not alone in your efforts here, dood. Hopefully you can kick this shit this time around. Just think about how you won't have COPD and be tied to an oxygen tank in your mid 50's if you quit now ;D

Imagine when u buy cigarettes, u didn't buy steem for that money :)

Try to think with logic here, I know it's the hardest to be real to yourself but get there and be sure that you trully understand the consequences.

As Bob Marley said: only a fool lean upon his missunderstanding.

We tend to convince ourselves that we're going to be good. But, our organism has its limit and we need to accept it. Health is the MOST IMPORTANT thing in life and we forget about that until we come to some crazy point where our health is going bad.

I also had bad health period lately and I had to distance myself from all the activities that put me in that position. That's just what u have to do.

Talking to people will also help you. Ofc, choose those who don't put you into stressful situations with their topics of talk.

Anyway. Good luck stay strong. It's not how you start, it's how you finish.

Peace yo!

I've had some experience with addiction of another kind. I think it comes down to internal work - while simultaneously trying to change behavior, too - getting to the root reason of a given addiction, and working it out, because will power only lasts that long. That is based on my own experience anyway.

Hopefully you'll be able to shake off the cigs, but you also should have mercy on yourself in case of a relapse and just get back on the horse.

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dude just get something like juul. look into salt nicotine
something like this https://vaporider.deals/collections/complete-kit/products/ipha-zing-pod-system-starter-kit?variant=20374030090294

and get the relevant salt nic juices. i've quit cigarettes after switching to this. at least it's a much better alternative, and you can slowly taper off after. worked for a lot of people i know

You got this!! I smoked for nearly 20 years. Then I went to vaping/ecigs for about 2 years. Then I finally got sick and tired of the monkey on my back. Always having to run through a check list every time I left the house. From cigarettes to the lighter to the vape, juice and batteries. I have been nicotine free for a year and a half. Honestly you just have to be ready and determined to quit. If your not 110% set on quitting... God Speed!!

BTW I used to smoke cigarettes and chew tobacco throughout the day at work. Alternating between the two, just couldn’t get enough nicotine. Lol

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Fuck you! If you can't do it, how could I ever?
I've basically switched to e-cigs all the time, with an occasional pack when the battery dies during a drinking session. Nothing to be proud of though. But at least there's no tar and ash particles.
Good luck, and as said by someone else: avoid the triggers. Stop drinking, get busy.

Well I don't drink at all but then again I've been smoking inside so no matter where I am I get triggers to smoke, yes even in the tub. :(

Hm. Maybe change the triggers first? No more inside smoking, start drinking :D

How is that healthier xD

  ·  5 months ago (edited)

Red wine before bed is healthy.

people don’t understand it’s harder to break then heroine. Right there with you i’m quitting again in a few weeks.. 1000th time

I feel you bro. Smoking is a bad habit and I wish I knew an easy way to stop it.
All the people that stopped smoking told me that they just threw their pack of ciggaretes away and never touched them again. I guess it's just a call and a personal bet, but a hard one. I've lost it twice too! Hehe.
Good luck with your goal. I might concider giving up smoking one more time too.

I started at 10 and gave up at 15, how fucked up is that?

That's pretty unique :P

Quitting smoking came easy to me. I was in a local dive bar. it was late and, at this point, all of the smokers were shuffled off into a smaller, and even more diver, section that attached to the outside.

I wanted to quite and I knew I needed an extreme approach. with out much thought, I snuffed my cigg out in a dirty beer-filled ashtray then without hesitating I took the ashtray up to my nose and inhaled deep.

I took in all the old, musty, stanky, tobacco-beer scent. Form that point on when ever I felt like lighting up I remember that horrible smell and am instantly turned off from smoking.

!Reminder: Do not message Acid for 4-6 weeks

Good luck.

You think it's gonna take that long? :(

after 3 you will feel poor, after 4 you will be fine

In less than 2 weeks though you can take out your frustrations 2.5x a day on Steem :D

lol :D

Much of the addiction is to nicotine, right? I guess it might be a good idea to try nicotine chewing gum or something for the time being to get rid of the psychological addiction.

I've tried everything except cold turkey past a week, so will just have to go through that now.

Good luck.

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Nicotine is a right bastard.

Still got a Vape or do they keep exploding?

It kinda started making me feel worse than cigs after 6 months usage or so, dunno don't wanna touch that again.

Yeah if you are constantly caning it then it can make you feel a bit sick.

Cold turkey it is, good luck!

I feel you sir Tom,i was addicted on smoke since i am 15 years old. you know if you started of making smoke as an habbit it is too difficukt to get out of it because everytime you finiah your food,everytime you are bored and almost everything you did,except if you are at the office that was closed and had aircon you always want to play on that smoke.

Quitting smoke is not easy i've tried it many times and many years but i fail,but i never give up hoping of quitting smoke i tried everything as i could. Until i surrendered all to Jesus i Prayed to have fear on Him of doing those thing and it's not easy it tooks more years before i success. Thank God 2 years untill now i made it with the help and prayed by God..

Such a great story of you sir Tom. God Bless!

Brother, first you must be well so that you can help others.

pd: yoga is interesting for calming anxiety!

Addiction has been one of the major things majority of people suffer of in this world. Sometimes, it can be so hard like commuting suicide stopping what we are addicted to and most of the time, it only takes the grace of God to stop.

I believe soon, you are going to stop smoking by the grace of God

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hmm, not bad.

no u not bad

Good luck, man. I'm a smoker, but I've never really tried quitting yet. I figure, if you're gonna try it, you have to at least want to, and frankly I'm still not that willing to go through with it. I know I will at some point...I hope you manage to make it!

Gotta cut expenses on the bear market :^)

My grandma managed to quit smoking at 60yo after smoking since she was 9, she's now 17 years clean, anyone can do it if you set your mind to it :^)

It's a bitch to quit, but I know you can do it. It's been almost 5 years since I quit and sometimes I still crave one. Maybe while you're tallying your savings in fiat you can also tally the cost in Steem and decide if it's worth the price.

I wish you the best, sincerely.... and I know you will feel better after the pain. You will also be free of one less person, entity, habit that currently controls your life. Take back your control <3 <3 <3

Vaping is the best alternative. Much better than chewing nicotine, believe me.

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I used to smoke. I started in early Highschool and continued for about 15 years. I stopped a few years ago and have only had a smoke or two with the occasional friend since when they are going through a rough time. Cold turkey. Actually bought a vape, but hated it. Many people say try to get yourself on those alternatives first. I say test if you are addicted to nicotine, I found that the easy one to beat. A couple of bad days, but I had tried before and knew what to expect. It's the social changes and the other things that bring it on.

It was drinking without smoking that was the hardest. I could do the coffee without smoking, but drinking was much more difficult. I had to stop hanging out with people who smoked and in bars which still allowed smoking inside. Fortunately, a few of us quit at the same time because the country was basically doubling the price and banning it everywhere which helped.

Try to hang around your friends who are anti-smoking and just explain to the smokers that you need a break for a week or two. I even had a friend who found reading a book about quitting smoking helped since eventually he found a few stories or examples that could work for him.

For me more than suppressing health, which improved but not exponentially, it was smells that I noticed. My smelling is so much better now. It's sort weird but crazy. I think smoking completely messed up my sense of smell and the foods I like sort of changed after, also I can no longer tolerate being in basements or places with poor ventilation and bad air pollution.

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It won't be easy but you have to be strong and you'll do it. I quit eight or so years ago and can tell you it was pretty easy. Since then I guess I've smoked one or two cigarettes because I was angry but after the first few seconds I felt disgusted, it wasn't good.
Coffee on the other hand is a very different matter. I was drinking strong espresso all day long and got to a point where had to admit I'm killing myself slowly, so i quit last September. The first few days were very though, I was feeling literally sick, was having withdrawal symptoms like headaches, shivering, light headed, sleepiness and so on. After that it became easier and had no coffee since then, not even decaf. It's been almost one year and I'm very proud of it! It helped a lot to identify what coffee meant to me, an honest soul searching can help you a lot but don't want to talk about that in public. (If you'd like to talk to someone, I'm on discord and happy to help.)
Good luck and don't give up! If I could give up coffee (I am living with low blood pressure that sometimes can make my life miserable), you can quit smoking too.

I don't smoke, so I've got no advice for you.
But, good luck ;)

Good Luck.
I quit cigs 9/11/09 and switched to an early model e-cig. The tech was shit so the thing didn't work the best, but that was a benefit. I used the e-cig like a fiend at first, but after a couple of weeks I was gradually using it less. By about April of 2010 I realized that I hardly took the thing out of my pocket during the day and so I tossed it in a drawer. That was that.

The worst part for me was the fact that I "lost" my reason to go outside... which was a bullshit excuse anyway. Like mentioned above, those triggers and rewards are hard to change. In the end it came down to actually making the decision to switch, once that was made things flowed from there.

Every mind is different and requires different stimuli to enact a change.

Man up, it's not like you're quitting heroin. There are no cold sweats, no uncontrollable shaking and other serious withdrawal symptoms. It's just peer pressure.

But cut out the activities you associate with smoking for a while and definetely the people. Most of my friends get married or have kids and then they quit with the lifestyle change.

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I remember when cigarettes were the sweetest things in life, but I thank my lucky stars every day that I quit when presented with the opportunity.

The first year was the worst, but by the third year I no longer liked the smell.
If you can bring yourself to quit, you are a willpower god.

I started at 15 and quit cold at 35. I was smoking 2 packs a day. I did a behavioral therapy class that the local hospital was hosting and one of the things they had us do was wear a rubber band around our wrist and every time the thought of a cigarette came into our heads we were supposed to snap it. Hard. I actually think that it helped to reprogram my thought patterns. I chewed a lot of gum that first year, but I never had another cigarette.

My addiction is sugar and for me it does just as bad as smoking so I can relate! Crazy how it always remains in our minds!

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