Country With The Most Smokers In The World.

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Cigarettes have become one of the causes of lung cancer for humans. How come ? today such cigarettes have become a necessity for every human being, especially for men. An addict will not be able to enjoy his days without cigarettes and this is certainly very dangerous. In many parts of the world almost every country has a cigarette addict. And the WHO released a list of some countries that have the largest addict in cigarettes in the world. Let's see the article guys.

  • Serbia
    Serbia is one of the countries located in beua Europe. For smokers themselves, Serbia accounts for 41% of its population who are actively smoking or about 3.3 million Serbs. Of course this amount is very much. And according to data from WHO, the average citizen in Serbia consumes 3 packs of cigarettes per week.
  • Bulgaria

The city with the capital Sofia is also one of the contributing countries of the largest smokers in the world. 35% of the Bulgarian population is five years old or about 2.2 million inhabitants. This amount is already quite high especially if you see the price per pack of cigarettes about 3.24 US Dollars.

  • Greece

Of the 10.7 million Greek people, 44% of them consume cigarettes every day. The price of cigarettes in Greece also includes a high of 5.21 US Dollars or about 60rb per pack. For smoker age in Greece the average age 40-45 years.

  • Bosnia

There are about 1.2 million people in Bosnia Herzegovian consume cigarettes every day or about 40% of the population in the country. Fabrika Duhana Sarazevo (FDS) became one of the largest cigarette producers in the Balkan region today.

  • South Korea

Surely I do not think that South Korea on the list with the number of smokers in the world. Currently the number of smokers in South Korea reaches 45% of the population in the State Ginseng. Steps taken by the government to reduce the number of smokers is to double the price of cigarettes from 2000 won to 4500 won.

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