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What's going on Steemians? At this point I would like to think that most people have heard of Smoke Network, but I would be wrong. Smoke network is a new social platform similar to Steemit but focusing on all things cannabis. In this world all things cannabis related will be discussed. Everything from plant propagation and genetics to smoke reports of all those fabulous strains out there.

Smoke Network is extremely new and is doing airdrops daily on the Smoke Network's website. So use the link and head on over to Smoke Network and get signed up.

On top of the airdrops over at Smoke Network, the crew behind this has also released the test net for is the first dapp to function on the smoke network. At this point is just for testing so you won't actually get paid for your posts but you can certainly use it and get to know the platform.

You may use any of the links in this article in order to arrive at smoke network or All images in this post can be found on the web pages linked.

I hope you enjoyed this post and make sure to head over to smoke network and start accruing some smoke! I forgot to mention but smoke networks ICO begins on 4-20 of course.

Please feel free to upvote, resteem and all that other good stuff if you alike.

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