Smoke Network Airdrop Continues as we near the ICO

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Hello steemians and welcome to another post on Smoke Network. I have been enjoying smoke network on a daily basis and I really feel like everyone should be doing the same. Smoke Network is working to create its own place in the crypto world and is doing a fantastic job of it.

They have been offering their airdrop for quite awhile now and it continues for another 75 days! Each and everyday you can head over to Smoke Network and collect your smoke for the day by completing the simple tasks they have setup. I find this to be a wonderful way to have an airdrop as it produces advertisement for smoke network as well as rewarding you with a few smoke everyday.

Smoke will be used on the main platform in the same fashion that Steem is used here on the Steemit platform. The more smoke you have at the time of launch the more voting power you will have on the platform. We all know how important having and sharing that voting power is.

Another real beauty of signing up for the airdrop is that if you use your referral link, just as I did there, you can earn 2 more smoke for every person who signs up for the airdrop. So please, if you are interested in signing up for smoke network airdrop, use this link so that I may earn a little more smoke. Lets help each other to bring about a wonderful platform that focuses on one thing, Cannabis.

If you found this helpful or worth your time please consider upvoting, resteeming and what not.

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