One day from Smoke Network ICO! Big 420 celebration!

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If you have still not heard about Smoke Network then put your ear to the ground and take a good hard listen! Mother
Earth herself is calling out to all those cannabis supporters to head on over to Smoke Network and start taking part the airdrop! You can earn Smoke everyday that will in turn work like what steem does here on Steemit.

With that being said we are also just one day away from 420 and that means just one day away from the Smoke Network ICO!!! I feel like these guys have really been working hard to put together a wonderful blockchain community for those die hard cannabis fans.

Also consider looking into for some more cannabis fun and help make the first dapp on Smoke Network through its testing phase. There have been lots of varieties of all things cannabis being posted daily over on the testnet and it is working great.

Please consider signing up for the Smoke Network airdrop. It costs you nothing but a little time and you may return for 73 more days to continue earning smoke everyday. When the mainnet launches you will be that much farther ahead. The best part, it costs you nothing.

If you enjoy my content please consider upvoting, resteeming, and all that good stuff.

The Last Sage

Airdrop link


Full support to the smoke network! Great post, upvoted :).

Thanks for stopping in. Always appreciated.


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