🌿 SMOKE.io Token Distribution and Whitepaper UPDATE! Better Value for Token Holders!


Smoke Network announced official changes to the SMOKE token distribution as it relates to the main-net launch expected in just a few months (Q3 2018).

It was decided to reduce the number of initial tokens that will be made available at the time of the platform launch to 42,000,000. This will help to ensure a higher value to core token holders and reduce to likelihood of major pump and dumps on launch that would could flood the market and dilute the value of the token and platform.

This is great new to all the early adopters of the Smoke Network platform.

MIN Contribution: $50 | MAX Contribution $50,000

  • Pre-Sale (August 15th -September 15th 2017)

  • Week 1 ICO (April 20 - April 27 2018)
    4.2M SMOKE Available at $0.083

  • Week 2 ICO (April 27 - May 4 2018)
    4.2M SMOKE Available at $0.086

  • Week 3 ICO (May 4 - May 11 2018)
    4.2M SMOKE Available at $0.09

  • Week 4 ICO (May 11 - May 18 2018)
    4.2M SMOKE Available at $0.095

  • Week 5 ICO (May 18 - May 25 2018)
    4.2M SMOKE Available at $0.10

How this will affect SMOKE holders.
We believe this will benefit the community in a number of ways:

  • Less pressure on the price of SMOKE due to significantly smaller supply.
  • More power to the our community of ICO, Airdrop and Pre-ICO users as every SMOKE holder will now own a great percentage of the network.
  • A higher chance of the SMOKE price increasing substantially if our community is a success.
  • Less chance of Airdrop, Team and advisers selling tokens directly after launch due to lower supply.

How to participate in the SMOKE coin sale?
To take part in the SMOKE Sale, you need to agree to all of our terms and sign up to our mailing list. Note that the coins are limited and will be sold on a first come first serve basis. The mailing list will be sent an early invitation to the sale as well as a detailed instruction on how to contribute.

2% of ICO proceeds go to norml from ICO:


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View the Whitepaper


TESTNET: https://testnet.smoke.io
Website: https://smoke.network
Telegram: https://t.me/smokenetwork
Twitter: https://twitter.com/smoke_io
Medium: https://medium.com/smokenetwork
Steemit: @smokenetwork

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Great article but you should update with the free airdrop that they are having where you can get some free SMOKE coins daily.

  1. Visit the site here: https://wn.nr/XH39WG
    (Disclaimer: my referal link, feel free to use it if you want)
  2. Register using your email adress, facebook or twitter.
  3. Complete one or more of the daily tasks (you just have to click on some links there to gain the coins).
  4. Coins will be given away to you once final net is up and running :)

You can get around 10 coins daily very easily which is quite good :)

I want to join, then how and what are the requirements for me to become one member in this SMOKE community.
Thank you

It's in beta... you are welcome to sign up and test the platform.

i like smoking. smoke is my passion.

:-) Be sure to check out the test net and join the smoke telegram if you haven't already.

it is best to smoke responsibly

Good job..... Well done

Oh, it's marijuana on the blockchain. Unfortunately, in my country it is forbidden. By the way, what does the author think about the TokenGo platform? In my opinion, quite an interesting platform for tokenization of business.

i hope the crypto world keeps pushing! i know its a great thing we just need it to stick around long enough for people to realize its true value. thanks for sharing.

it's a great feature.
thanks for the heads up.

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