Smoke Radio Episode #1 - Cannabis Crypto & Market Size

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We are not your average Coin...

Want to get insights into the Smoke team on a casual level
while listening to some of the latest electronic tracks?

We got you covered...

This is Smoke Radio. The best place to get your weekly fix of electronic music.

As well as the latest updates from the Smoke Network Community.

In this episode Smoke Radio host, Anxious Stoner interviews the Co-founder of Smoke Network, Joe burner on the current cannabis market and cannabis competitors in the industry...

Sit back, roll one.. And enjoy.

If you want to learn more about Smoke, visit

All music is licensed through for the Smoke Network youtube channel and sites that embed the channel.

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Wow bud. We have more than one advisor on our team, and he is not directly responsible for anything at Smoke Network.

We also have a working test-net as well as MVP, a pitch deck, a 64 page whitepaper and many other assets, including buying Steem power so that we can upvote cannabis related posts. If you look just a few seconds into this show you will also realize it took a lot of effort.

But anyways, we value your opinion and will certainly not be a dead project. See you at launch.

Well, the only thing he could possibly advise on is how to talk a big game while swindling others, so I look forward to see when that comes into play.

We hope you understand that our team is highly capable of making their own decisions and the advisors take very little roll in the day to day activities.

We also hope you keep an eye on our project and at least take a squizz at our other assets. Keep in mind we raised very little pre-sale and have used it very diligently to grow our community as well as build what we think will be an awesome product for stoners.

We are by no means trying to 'swindle' anyone and even have a backup plan to launch the chain without a main ICO in worst case scenarios. We also have a current airdrop campaign to allow for our own distribution methods.

Anyways, again. We value your opinion (Even if we do not value your phat downvotes from randowhale ;) ) and we hope to see you at the launch of our chain to check in and see that it was not a scam or dead project.... and hopefully not just another shitcoin either (As we truly believe in DPoS and mutual aid society concepts, including over 100 man hours into the issues the steem chain currently has...).

Perhaps if you had approached us a little bit better, maybe via email and gave us warnings with proof of these ill doings of fuzzy we would take that under advisement as well.

We also notice you have issues with Steem and this is one of the reasons why we planned to go with our own chain...

We think you and our team are on the same side with some things, it is a pity the personal feelings you have for one of our advisors, which is not even responsible for the network in any way, has made you take this stance without even approaching us, as we believe you could even been an asset on our chain.. We know you like cannabis content as you used to upvote many cannabis related posts in 2016.

We also understand there has been many scams and long-winded projects that have never gone anywhere but we are fucking hard working people and will get this done no matter what comes along to try and stop us.

Pitty you so jaded now mate.

I don't agree with you here, I've not experienced a bad project of fuzzy's & I've been participating in both the beyondbitcoin and bitshares hangouts the last couple years.

There have been people that talked on the shows that didn't live up to their promises however this doesn't reflect upon fuzzy, rather an unfortunate consequence of a truly open teleconference platform created by fuzzy and hangout attendees.

I'm very positive about the future of the smoke network, they're planning on giving a huge amount away through the airdrop and are going to run their own separate blockchain (not steem nor eos).

I honestly think Bernie is just triggered because in our previous post he said we should take down mentioning fuzzy and we didn't.

I bet deep down he loves the Smoke Network.

You know what they say about those that downvote you for no clear reason


Unfortunately, you’re going to learn how wrong you are the difficult way.

Is there not an easy way to explain how they're wrong?

What specific projects of fuzzy's have you been burned by?

Whatever it is/was it only serves as more of a driver to get our chain launched and prove him wrong. . . As much as people hate @berniesanders, we still respect him, and his vote on steem chain.

If he wants to downvote the shit outa any and all projects that post on here that talk to @officalfuzzy or work with him in any way, that's his perogative. Perhaps it does help in warning future projects to not use Steem as a platform for marketing or post updates... We have clearly seen @ned and others do not appreciate @dan blogging on here about EOS either.

We would love a dialogue that is a little more than just scam accusations tho...

I was under the impression even @dan chatted with @officialfuzzy years ago on a beyondbitcoin show, I guess Steem and EOS are scams too :?

We still think it is a pitty he does not see value in the work we have done, including marketing through things like the radio show initiative and how much value is in our lists and sign up distro.

... And also the value in another DPoS chain.

Also, we used to having cannabis related posts censored on social media. This is not a new occurrence...

There is a reason everyone who is anyone has distanced themselves from him, eventually you'll figure it out.

I am sure we will. . .

. . . I still wish you would have emailed us or something so that we could have discussed this and other issues the Steem chain faces.

I would have loved to pick your brain on some of the forks and what you would do to improve the UX in a way to shape the content and user flow.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Smoking is bad for you. If you want to get high, then work really hard at something and become good at that which you love -- that will make you high... All the time.

EDIT: I just assumed this was about smoking mariuana. Seeing as it isn't -- but rather about music -- I'll still say what I did, however I shall check out the site!

Don't need to smoke, in combustion is bad for you - vape, bro!

Says Mus, and everyone else who's never actually gotten high.

I predict this coin will go higher, or at least get you higher.

I've beeeeeen curious about SMOKE @smokenetwork..

Thank you for your generosity @smokenetwork!!

I'm so grateful for this!!!! It's like my dream has come true!!! @smokenetwork you have saved us stoners!!!!!

Heh cool radio!;)


Ahhh geeze, trying to quit smoking weed right now. Im on day 4 and I got the sweats lol
Roll em if you got em :(

what are you doing my friend, hope you don't start to smoke a pack cigarettes a day ore took 3 beers at evening :) = ?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

now this what i call a "green" radio, playing this in the background while programming


I Love it :)12032640_1673906019524681_7435915430541286194_o.jpg

Gonna go check this out after this comment.

I think some cannabis coins have HUGE potential in the market, just need marketing and more people educated on this.

Keep it up :-)

Really cool idea for a show! I'm checking out that coin and will tune in for more great content!

Smokers are relaible to die young so its a cool idea to comment on that topic


Thanks so much!

The founders had a little extra time on their hands and so we launched this puppy up...

Expect a weekly bash of electronic music with a sliver of joint side chats with the team, advisors and community members...


What a great idea..I think a coin revolving around the cannibis industry has a huge potential..especially as more and more people are realizing the benefits especially of medical marijuana.

Actually I don't care about opinions and I believe in this project. Already got about 1000 SMOKE. Good luck!

Laid back..


The happiest rabbit...... in Steemit.............Lovely day Steemit family :)

GanjaGirls is looking forward to when all this gets going! keep up the good work <3

Have gotten my seat... Serve me hot smoke like chilli.. @smokenetwork

Anxious stoner interviews lol LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing, and also for the upvote earlier! :) One Love

I spend around 57 minutes in that piece of art yesterday to earn 5 smoke xD;

Thats just fantastic, just signed in and also linked my telegram.. :)

I'm interested in this my cannabis posts on Steemit are not doing that well an all cannabis network may suit me better

Sit back, roll one.. And enjoy.

I am out of stuff :(

Roll one, smoke one... And we are just having fun... Peace everyone

excellent content, I love cannabis and electronic music !!! I will be following friend @smokenetwork

Awesome Jams Guys! @smokenetwork youve got yourself a new #stoner #follower! #ONELOVE #StayGreen

What is smoke? I'm so curious, Oh wait what? did I ask my name? Maybe I'm in another world right now because my eyes looks like a chinese man with a sore eyes.

@smokenetwork is there a way for Deaf people to access your broadcast?

Not at this time.. We will, however, work on getting someone from the community to start creating a transcript for each episode asap.

Mmmm, weed and crypto

Excellent content
Really cool idea

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

for me I like it. Idea really cool for a show! I check this piece to see is it works well .. good work ! very nice poste !! upvote and fellow for you @ smokenetwork!!

Sau gut!!!!
Liebe grüße aus Germany

Something to listen to, nice.

keep up the good work!

Very good thank

This is really awesome ...

Greetings friend from venezuela excellent post I follow and vote

articles that are very useful, a lot of knowledge that we can get from the articles that you create,
good luck always come to you

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wow really a very good video post thanks

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Very interesting! Looking forward to more updates. Have discord link?

Welcome onboard, censorship is anti crypto. By considering these ideas, you can look forward to achieving success with your campaign. Support from Australia👍

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great video keep up the hard work
you should add timepoints on the video for each main subject song in the videos #staydanky

Dear Please Vote my blog............. :)

Nice one dudes :) brilliant :)

really amazing and make us curious. good post and very useful for me. thanks for sharing.

excellent very interesting posts congratulate greetings from venezuela



I love smoking weed !

Doinks and Crypto is a huge space to get into🦉

Informative and totally entertaining! Thanks for the post. Good time listening to this for an hour, for sure! Keep it up!

Good article!

I am new in steem I hope you can help me greetings from venezuela


I was just about to eat diner and found this post!

Pretty sick idea, going to check it out!

Hey cool, you now Lord Dubious?

cant wait to join! i want to win the $420 swag :D

Yo, I can’t wait for you guys to get launched... anymore info?

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43.03% @pushup from @smokenetwork

Damn man! I love the music. Jah bless!

I want know more about smoke
It is intersting @smokenetwork

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i dont know if I believe in a weed coin :-) but do believe in weed in any form. And would like to see share offers especially Canadian. Anything to refer?

Is dhat no pipel

Total BTC Volume = 37054.8622 . laST time we saw a dip like this there was a BTC Volume = 24054.8622and BTC dip at a low of 8800.00

just a wild guess choosing for my buy back is 9.5k just my own opinion or target price. ya its all gamble

but else your on the inside ! how can one every see the crash/thief of last night
you jump back too btc on the rise and save a sell off or lose, but like lee xi said when that's the KNOW!
smoking here,,,

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