Smoke Network - Official Trailer (HD)

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Or read our previous 'Half-Baked' Testnet Announcement:

Watch the Official Trailer of Smoke Network and become a part of the world's first blockchain social network for cannabis users.

The Smoke Network application rewards users in cryptocurrency for creating and curating high-quality cannabis related content including pictures, articles, dispensary, and cannabis strain reviews.

A social network for the cannabis community on the blockchain.
Interact online with other cannabis users from around the world and share your knowledge and wisdom with each other.

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Thanks for all the feedback & support over the past year, you have all literally made this project come true.

Join the community by using the links below for more updates and information or email [email protected] to get in touch directly with the team.

Meet the community on the live SMOKE Testnet Blockchain

Upcoming ICO (4/20)

Join the Airdrop for free Smoke

Smoke Network short pitch deck

A deeper look at the Smoke Network

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This film was created by Thunderberg Films

➝ Jonas Stark

➝ Max Nadolny



i like cannabis it's because of their health benefit, i hope this will accelerate the reviews on what is the best joint for the users and what is the best health benefit that would bring to a users, that way many more states and nations will legalized the cannabis. :)

WhT are these benefits? I smoke normal tobacco and always know that weed and similar stuff are brain damaging!

Best comment sir @cortexx

Hemp has lots of health benefit to humanity, "LEGALISE IT"

i also believe we can find a way to use this natural herb without any health risks, will definitely follow this project.

It should be legal in every country in my opinion!
Its proven to help people more then it hurts.
Stupid outdated government thinking!

Good news! I have to start promotion for this page. 3,000 ETH. Enjoy!

All information:


sativa gets me hyper af boiiii

Cannabis jave its health benefits and were legal in some countries but we cant discount the fact that it is also elligal in many countries including mine, lol

But lets see what future this ICO will take us, lol

Anybody enlighten me what benefits in smoking this thing?

Its illegal still because we gave the government's control over us for too long!

I'm glad to see you guys progress so fast. As one of the early adopters I sure hope we all will reach highest highs (if you get my meaning) on this blockchain.
Also, a question. How will the transmission from the testnet to a working chain look like. I understand, that currently earned rewards on the platform will be burned, but what abou the accounts, posts, followers and such? Does it make sense to actually contribute to content on testnet right now?

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Looking good folks!

o get a feeling there will be many projects like this springing up as steemit becomes more known but remains stagnant as far as developing beyond the problems that it is dealing with.

good luck @smokenetwork

Yes you r right 🙄

Man you must be smokin the good shit because the first half of your commercial seems to have zero to do with the second half. It was just a bunch of unconnected one liners that had zero context. Do I have to be stoned to get this??

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Marijuana plants are very useful for treatment but marijuana is not justified by the state because many people abuse the cannabis that....because of the content of tetrahydrokanabinol (THC, tetra-hydro-cannabinol) substances that can make the wearer experience euphoria (prolonged pleasure without cause)

Great video! marijuana should be legal in every country. it is a light use like beer and it should be an individual decision each one of us. in my country I was persecuted by the police for smoking cannabis. despite this, he convinces people that this is good not only for chill

Beautyful movie !! I love Mary Jane .. Right now Im smoking my bio flowers from Blackberry Kush

And tomorrow morning I have to work at 6AM ....

Nice color of budd, looks very tasty!!!

I have been looking for a platform like this for a long time. I will be sure to check it out and get involved. We all need to get together and spread the cannabis movement across the globe, and eradicate all the hateful lies about what we all know and love.

Smoke Hemp,which is herb

smoking is very dangerous of our health.

Thats why noone has died from marijuana EVER!

Its also used to treat medical illnesses!

Do some research!

Nicotine,other poisonous chemicals ARE dangerous to us but not organic grown Marijuana.

My girlfriend really has some interesting crazy like "wtf this is sick" type of artwork but she's really shy to share with others. I feel like this a great platform to post her art but she doesn't believe me, if you upvote this comment, i can prove to her that they are people who would also enjoy this beautiful captivating type of artwork. Thanks

The marijuana industry is about to take off!! I can feel it in my lungs!

Following You!

Really nice Project! It would be nice to support this project! But as a citizen of a non friendly cannabis country, it would be very hard

Lots of Hemp wasting away in Nigeria,where i am from. Interestingly i have done my researches on its manufacturing addition values ,food,toiletries,baby diapers,animal feed,oil for her economy. Hoping to begin a movement in Africa soon , "WATCH OUT"

Tell me about "" .How can i join and whats its benefits...

Interesting and revolutionary idea of cannabis smoke promotion it's seems to me alike steemit and it's an awesome opprtunity for the opportunists to get earlier entry on smoke network you can use it's tester as well I am big fan of cannabis as these are song of life to be free and happy.
I am going to get some on airdrop .
More on token sale.
Attract some whales to my post on this network to get more and more regularly.
That's awesome I wish a great success.
Smoke smoke smoke and earn, aha.

Wow. Great job. Enjoyed it very much.

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Interesting, will definitely research this opportunity.

Good post my friends..
very good post and impressive once, frankly I really like to follow and read a very useful post like your post

I think it is very helpful for us...

This is every stoners dream come true.I'm resteeming this 1 so that my homies get a whiff of the power. I can't wait for the ICO. Don't even really know why, but I'm damn excited! Shoutout @smokenetwork..

Good thinking i like it will I
Realy v helpfull for me

Fantastic project, will take alook this.

Wahhhhh......Amazing video.....very good

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Thank You! ⚜

WoW Nice Video dude ! Cannabis has so much positive efforts :-)

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cool nice post¡¡¡¡

Hello everyone!
I'm new to steemit I hope I know the steemers here and I can make them friends :)
have a nice day :)

Selbstverständlich upvote+ reesteem

Nice video by the way, i will check the website out.

hi friend . your videos are great and awesome, excellent . your are very brilliant .

I can't wait for the smoke official lunch. The juicy full baked

Loved the trailer. The aspect ratio looked very interesting. Gave the illusion of panoramic shots. The wide angles on the city and the landscape looked awesome. I miss my smoke. Cannabis is banned in India though but it can be found. It is a great initiative. Congrats

Holy smokes I got goosebumps watching this. What an epic trailer. Props to you all.

So pumped right now.

Super Leute!! Video schaue ich mir jetzt an.
Hätte ich es gewusst hätte ich unterstützt !!!
So Menschen braucht d Welt

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Is it ICO??????

I like the plant! more I like to relax and compose music, of course the morning can never miss

You guys picked the right day for the ico. Would have been disappointed if it was started any other day. (Does it begin at 4:20 AM UTC time too?)

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Looking so nice

This is just crazy! Look so cool!

Challenge, where you can win up to 100s $SD!
If you want to, you can try it here:


I forwarded this to an old friend of mine who’s been doing good things for the cannabis community.

Good idea to legalize in many countries the cannabis greetings from VENEZUELA friend. God bless you

We have so been needing something like this, to recognize all the great content produced about medical marijuana in this day and age! I posted another article earlier today about the benefits of medical marijuana against Pharmaceuticals! Thank you so much!!🤘

Dont do that guys.. make me feel smokinnn.. ;)

More paid upvotes for more bullshit.

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very very good post for network. Thank you for your post.

Smoking marijuana because they are lonely

Great post, we lovers smoke !!

Should of posted this on 4/20

whoaa it's really greatt !!!

Oh another cannabis coin xD

Great video, want to be there smoking a lot yeah

Brutal your video

ich bin auf jeden fall am Start!!!!
Morgen früh schau ich es mir genau an
endlich ändert sich mal was auf dieser Welt
Ich liebe euch leute

wow i like cannabis :D :D D:D

Your post is very good!

Now look me in the eye and Follow Me @cryptopay-blogYour post is very good

Wish to quit

Quitting is for losers lol!

Me too! Getting excited for the growth in the industry the next few years!

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