Top Witness Spots Available On Smoke Network, Now Is The Time To Make The Most Of An Opportunity!

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Have you got a decent PC kicking around not doing anything and a pretty reliable internet connection? Why not put that old PC to work, like the days of mining BTC on a laptop, earn passive income by running a witness!

Top Spots Open!!!


Now is the perfect time to enter the Cannabis scene and stir things up a bit, I did and look at me now at rank 11 💪


It started as a learning thing and has kinda worked up to me being more open with aspects of my life relative to cannabis I have been leery of sharing.

Seriously I have watched a few big movements in the ranks with witness yet the top 10 are seemingly staying pretty tight. The timing is perfect with a few more witnesses in the top 30 being inactive for you to easily enter and not need to necessarily compete for votes, it was a very warm welcoming for myself.

Here is a great place to start, the post I used for installing my witness.

Smoke Network Witness Setup - Step By Step

If I Can Do It So Can You 🙌

Why not put that old beast to work and earn something with it? Make the most of every potential investment opportunity!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!!!

Thats it @d00k13 OUT

Wallet of a Minnow, Heart of a Whale

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How much smokes witnesses make per day? Rough idea?

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I will let you do that math ;)

Great job man! I am here for you if you ever need a hand or if anyone else would like to become a witness on smoke or steem. :)

Yea dude still working on the Steem rig myself, got a fair amount to learn along the way 😅

Thanks for the support my friend ❤️

OneLoveSteem Witness 😉

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