It Was Staring Me In The Face This Whole Time! Can I Do It? Will I Be Number 3? - #Witness-Update

in smoke-io •  21 days ago 

Having received such an amazing response from everyone I am feeling inspired but I am also realizing with everything else I am doing my ability to support is limited by time! I am searching for ways I can support the platform past the point of just running a witness and the answer is staring me right in the face...


Now I stated right from the get to I would never power down but I believe this to be for a good reason yet I still want to get that #vote-slider, which means 50k SP if i'm not mistaken? I am already at about 5k SP so really that will not take long at all, mere months, and from there my next 10k will be powered down and go to sponsorship.

You Can Help!!!

Let me start by saying I am a big believer in being a man of my word, it's all we got on here, so when I say something I do my best to stick to it (example my exclusive videos). Let me spit it out so there is no confusion 😉

Please Send Me SMOKE

I know, I know, I hate beggars myself but I don't do it without good intentions! Let me lay it out for you like I promised I would, being one of the newest witnesses I believe I need to be transparent as can be! My answers to @bbq-iguana's #witness-update post should lay that out, I am learning and enjoying doing it on a tight knit network that supports my interest and appreciated my journey!

My Intentions

  • Save All Liquid Smoke received from contests/donations this point forward for that 10k sponsorship including anything that I purchase
  • Power Down 10K SP once reaching 60K SP or remaining balance to reach 10K liquid for that sponsorship, if I have 5K liquid I would power down 5k at 55k SP
  • Continue Powering Up after having sponsorship I will continue on as usual powering everything up 👍

So Am I Worthy Of The Title "Sponsor"?

I have other plans also, noticed people have auto voters running, I will definitely need to do this to maintain my VP for the sake of time management, wondering if there are vote followers... wait I see @stash following my vote on comments ✌

So I'm putting it out there I want to set up a vote follow for the curation efforts such as the other sponsor @indica whom I see everywhere always extremely supportive!

An Exclusive list of Cannabis Lovers, for Cannabis Lovers, who love video on!

Furthermore, I started a playlist on YouTube and set it to auto add any videos with " Exclusive" in the title. I also published my videos and corrected tags for the sake of promoting our platform since deciding to take this step of being a sponsor. I encourage everyone to join me, by following this collaboration link, in adding related videos to this playlist and we can promote the platform together each in our own ways!

These are the things I do to add value past the point of being a witness and content creator whilst still operating within the constraints of my daily life! You can let me know that you think im worthy of being a sponsor by aiding me with a donation, like mamma always said, "big or small it dont matter its the intention that counts!"

Till Next Time

Smokem If You Gotem

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!!!

Thats it @d00k13 OUT

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I think so, considering there is only 3 of you left! lol, jk. I am no longer active over there, but i gave my vote and @canna-curate for your witness. Lets see some cool weedcash gifs bro. :)

Awesome thank you dude 🙌 I noticed your challenge post earlier today but didn’t finish reading on my lunch and look here you are commenting on my post 😅 gentle nudge from above I’m guessing 😉

I noticed you dropped out of the Witness game, will admit it’s pretty rough with many dropping out but I made a strong entry anyways 😆 it’s how I do.

So from what I recall off hand of your post we are very much of the same story. I started #OneLoveDTube with DNews and at one point we were in the trending tags list on steemit right behind DTube. We focused on helping creators gain traction so, we are semi stuck as that stepping stone and now we see many such initiatives 😅 but we keep trucking nonetheless. We entered when DTube was having hosting issues and it gave birth to the One Love DTube Uploader to skip upload waiting queue and keep videos playable forever with IPFS backups, now working on a universal dapp but they keep me in the dark for good reason 🥳

So I dunno if you saw my post on it but my latest little project is @onelovesteem and I started following @canna-curate with my Token Trail the *00k13’s 😉 I will be making many further adjustments but I plan to encourage others to join and make use of there spare tokens so just thought I’d give you a little fyi.

I do plan to create some custom gifs, I’m still learning all that stuff 😅 I can do videos then turn them into gifs but it’s tricky to not look stitched together with the mass reduction of frames. To be frank I’m still in self promo mode, only just started as a witness a month ago!

Thanks again for the vote, with yours I’m at spot 11, does that mean I have special authority now 🤣🤣🤣 but no seriously I’m big about appreciation and honesty like yourself... I can imagine we be bumping into each other I’ll have ample opportunity.

👆 that’s what happens when you start writing comments while vaping shatter 🤪

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