ChordChallenge #3 - "WINNERS" ANNOUNCEMENT!

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ChordChallenge #3 - "WINNERS" ANNOUNCEMENT!


What is ChordChallenge?

The idea behind ChordChallenge is to give musicians motivation to do music, make connections with other musicians and hopefully win the prize for their work.

This challenge will give the opportunity for every producer to make something new and creative. Any genre of music is welcome, so feel free to do your style.

My plan is to run this contest every week and I would be happy to see a lot of producers participate.


So as I had problems opening links from Dsound for days now, I could not judge on this entries. I am sure you all tried your best to make great music and I appreciate you guys :)
I decided to split the prize pool to all people who made entries for ChordChallenge #3

The prize pool is 18.48 SBD and I will split that into 13 entries and that is 1.421 SBD for each participant. And those are: @ivan.atman, @guzman, @dpatcher, @ricardovieira, @kingtamarah, @laviq, @mraggaj, @cjsound, @grant-vegra, @jasonvincion, @ashabulimam, @fran-mazz, @vidente

Also, each participant will receive 2.3 Voiceshares from @chiefmappster so make sure to create Bitshare wallet and link your address in the comments bellow.

ChordChallenge #4 will postponed until the Dsound is fixed. I just want to say thank you for being part of this project and also for understanding the situation. Hope this will not happen again ^^


This contest is made with help of @dsound so I can not thank enough for this beautiful initiative. Dsound is a platform connected to Steemit that allows you to upload your music and sounds in a similar fashion like Soundcloud. Make sure to join Dsound Discord channel here:

SMA - Steemit Music Alliance

This contest is made under Steemit Music Alliance (@smacommunity) which is a community that helps out musicians to get the best out of Steemit. If you want to meet cool people, talk about your favorite bands and find more contests like this one, join our Discord channel:


Last but not least, make sure to support this project and crew behind it (DSound, SMA). We would be grateful for any kind of support so make sure to upvote, resteem and spread the word!

Big thanks to @prc and @chiefmappster for support!

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Blessings @antminer


All hail the @antminer :)
Good and responsible call buddy, I'll be back for the round #4

Thank you for understand buddy, looking forward to next one ;)

I would like to see the #4 contest soon :(
My Bitshare account is ronaldbero1

Will try to make one as soon as I am sure that everythings works ;)
Voiceshares incoming :D

Thank you very much! All these contests are a great motivation to try for more and better sounds. I don't know how this voiceshares thing works, but I have a BTS address at Cryptobridge. My account name is laviq-9

I am glad to hear that man, looking forward seeing you in next ChordChallenge. As for the Voiceshares, you need to open Bitshare wallet on their page, I do not know if Cryptobridge does support Voiceshares ^^

I just checked out and my Cryptobridge account is the same in BitShares wallet. So the account name is still laviq-9

Thanks for the price man! My bitshare account is fran-mazz

Voiceshare incoming ;) thank you for being part of ChordChallenge ^^

Thank you for your generosity! Hopefully DSound will be up and running properly again soon and Chord Challenge #4 can begin.

My BitShares account is jv123.

Thank you for being part of ChordChallenge ;) Hope I will see you in next one^^

Voiceshares will be sent ;)

Cool. I got to earn something. Bring in the next challenge.
As for the Voiceshares, my BitShares account name is cryptogu5man.

Thank you for being part of this. Voiceshares will be sent to your address ;) keep up