ChordChallenge #2 - Make Music And Win Prizes ( A DSound Community Initiative )

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ChordChallenge #2 - Make Music And Win Prizes


What is ChordChallenge?

The idea behind ChordChallenge is to give musicians motivation to do music, make connections with other musicians and hopefully win the prize for their work.

This challenge will give the opportunity for every producer to make something new and creative. Any genre of music is welcome, so feel free to do your style.

My plan is to run this contest every week and I would be happy to see a lot of producers participate.

How to enter:

  • Download chord progression MIDI file here
  • Make something from the chord progression that I uploaded. Do not change chord drastically, minor changes are all right. Any genres is welcome, be creative ;)
  • Make sure music you created is at least 1 minute long
  • Upload it on Dsound
  • Make sure to put your upload (music that you made) in comments here
  • Give some love by upvoting this post


  • First: 50% of SBD from this post ( Around 11.25 SBD) + 15 Voiceshares

  • Second: 30% of SBD from this post ( Around 6.75 SBD) + 10 Voiceshares

  • Third: 20% of SBD from this post ( Around 4.5 SBD) + 5 Voicehares

Right now the price per SBD token is 4.75$

Winners announcement will be 7 days after this post and I will send SBD prize shares. Voiceshares will be given by @chiefmappster, so make sure to create BitShares Wallet. Winners will be asked for their BitShares Wallet address.


This contest is made with help of @dsound so I can not thank enough for this beautiful initiative. Dsound is a platform connected to Steemit that allows you to upload your music and sounds in a similar fashion like Soundcloud. Make sure to join Dsound Discord channel here:

SMA - Steemit Music Alliance

This contest is made under Steemit Music Alliance which is a community that helps out musicians to get the best out of Steemit. If you want to meet cool people, talk about your favorite bands and find more contests like this one, join our Discord channel:


Last but not least, make sure to support this project and crew behind it (DSound, SMA). We would be grateful for any kind of support so make sure to upvote, resteem and spread the word!

Big thanks to @prc and @chiefmappster for support!

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Blessings @antminer


Interesting. Downloading... :-)

Thank you for being part of this challenge. Good luck :)

Thanks to u
For organise this amazing contest

Definitely gonna try again :D

Hey Guys! This is my entry for chord challenge #2! I've listened to your guys entry's and man... We are all winners of this one.
This is what it's all about, creative, talented individuals coming together and show casing there work! hope you like my entry! CJ Sound.

Hey, I hope I am not to late. I will post my entry when dsound finnally finnished processing :)

I love this challenge <3

Thank you man so much. Looking forward to see your entry ;)

Interesting idea, Im downloading now and will give it a shot!

Looking forward ;)

Wow you are awesome to do this for the music community! I am terrible at writing music but I can't wait to hear the submissions! #openmic is super amazing, but it's cool that what you've started gives musicians something else to look forward to during the week. :)

Thank you for your interest and I am so excited to see what people will came up with ;)

First Steemit contest, would love to know where to find out about more (I got lucky with this one.) Either way I'll be entering next week most likely.!/@frostingbones/20180227t223146131z-chordchallenge-2-heartdrive-malfunction-dsound-exclusive

good idea , i will tryy ............

You are welcome ;)

Sounds good!

And here's my submission for the second chord challenge:

Sounds great! Will surely give this a trial

Great. Looking forward to see what you came up with ;)

such a good idea! cant wait to see what i come up with!

Ayyyy cool idea

Great idea!

great idea here. can’t wait to go home and download the midi file and start those creative juices running!


Thank you and good luck ;)

I seem to have a problem with the download :/

Here's our Chord Contest 2 Submission .. Thanks @antminer :) ...

It won't let me upvote this post, 1 hour left, I'll keep trying :) .. @jackdub got his vote in, I must have overlooked it, the upvote thing just keeps spinning.

Man don't worry about the upvote ;) Glad to see your submission and good luck :)

Finishing any music in a week would be a massive challenge for me. Currently Messing around with the chords will see if I can get over a minutes worth of decent music in the time frame!

Also the chord challenge is a brilliant idea!

Hope you will catch some time to participate ;) Looking forward


Thank you for being part of this ;) Blessings

Can I make Indonesian songs?

Yes. Absolutely, every kind of music is welcome ;)

I'am on.
Thanks for share with as,
Very interesting

Looking forward ;)

I love this idea! I good motivated as soon as I saw the post even though one week to finish a song is really challenging for me. Can't wait to hear what everybody comes up with! Good luck everyone and lots of inspiration!

Thank you for kind comments and good luck to you buddy ;)

I just make a music with this chord and few hours later i upload my creation on dsound..

Hi @antminer just messaging to let you know that i've posted this in my Contests of Steemit post. Hope that's OK!

Check your Discord buddy

Just found out about this contest! Will try to participate this time.. Time is less but will still try. Else next time for sure :)

I attempted to download the chords, and nothing happened when I did it. No file popped up to be saved??

I am lost and I need help!! haha I really would like to get in on this before it is to late!!

Please hit me up on discord when ya have the chance!! Same name as on here!

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I just saw this so I guess it's a bit too late for this week. But I'm definitely going for it next round!

Sorry to hear that m8 but looking forward to see your entry next challange ;)

Great post :)

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