Free Blood Group Detection Campain, Organised By Smile For All (SFA).

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Free SFA Blood Group DetectionBangladesh.gif

They are SFAian. They are volunteers. They have enjoyed the Eid before this Eid.

The SFA held its first blood grouping campaign.

Location: - Village: Totalipara, Upazila: Daulatpur, District: Kushtia.
Date: 20/08/18
Volunteer Number: About 35
Main Management: Mehdi Hasan Antar.

Project: SFA Blood Soldiers
Project Voice: '' The country which has received blood of 30 lakh martyrs, can not let the people of that country die due to blood ''

At the same time, with this day, at the cost of 9 / - taka, 'SFA' was examined for diabetes.

Smile for All-SFA
Thank you all..


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