ciba nela

in #smile2 years ago

hello friends of steemit today I want to talk a little about my mom and her idea of undertaking in the world of a family business, as we know in Venezuela it is quite difficult to undertake for many reasons and one of the most obvious is the country situation, this caused that more than one Venezuelan came out in search of a new life far from home, in the case of my mother, she has that same idea, with the difference that she has never stopped believing in her country. she continues to fight day by day, unveiling herself to achieve and fulfill her goal, little by little she has achieved it with a lot of effort and sacrifice in between, but step by step she is moving forward. began with the preparation of these rich cakes

and in this way start with your delicious breakfasts! []
pure Venezuelan flavor

trusting fully that your business grows and is one of the best in the tachira state. and I believe in her and in ciba nela


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