The Road and I. Smart Media Group presents : Photography by Yogi.

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The Road and I. 

Your favorite smart phone photographer is back, doing what he does best. Sharing the best non-professional photos you’ve ever seen. 😉

Unlike other photographers I also give you an actual story behind the picture.

For those that aren’t aware, I drive trucks for a living. Every morning, at about 3am, I hit the road. Traveling up and down the north-east roads of the tri-state area. 

I get to witness the beauty of nature during it’s most attractive hours. The sun rising, as you can see from my last photography post. Mountains and fields blanketed by the morning mist. The eye candy is endless. 

It’s a love-hate relationship. I love the scenery, but I hate that I can‘t always catch all of it with my camera. I love my job, but I love my hobby more. 

(Same shot, different edit)

This photo was taken on a cozy misty morning. Driving to Pennsylvania, this road I was on presented such an eerie movie-like setting. It was spooky and beautiful. I was creeped-out, and captivated by the landscape at the same time. 

I didn’t have time to stop, as I was running late to get to my first destination. So I snapped this photo as I was driving. Steering the truck at around 65 mph, with one hand. Camera phone on my right hand. Multitasking at it’s finest. 

I took about 10-12 pictures that morning. When I got home and saw what I caught with my camera I was in awe. I often take pictures while I’m driving, often I’ll get home to discover nothing but blurry images. Sometimes... I’m lucky and I get a good one.  

The picture with taken with my iPhone 6s, and edited with Adobe photoshop express.   

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Stay blessed. 



great photo, try the #goldenhourphotography tag for sunrise and sunset photos.

thanks for your upvotes!

Brother How do you get such a nice photo?
Plz tell me

Hello Younggoomarqs. Interesting your photo of the route!
Peace and love.!

Beautiful photograph!

Take pictures from the cars in movement, it is a surprise, you can always find wonderful pictures. I also do it, it's dangerous, but I usually take the photographs when I'm a copilot.
Nice picture.
Good vibes.

I have to try it some day, Thank you... good vibes 🤙🏽

Awsome photography. What a great idea taking pics whilst your working.

Thank you, I appreciate it. Stay blessed

Beautiful photography.

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This is amazing. Have a nice day.

Very nice content.. Thank you for sharing

Many beautiful pictures of your photos hope you will do fame

Thank you for UpVote :)

Really very beautiful photography. I always follow you. Thank you so much my friend

Thanks, I appreciate yoy

That's a nice photo you got there. Isn't it amazing the picture quality phones can produce now.

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Amazing photography as always. I appreciate.
Thanks for sharing

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Well seems like that is quite a great passion you have there buddy ;)

And I do like it as well :)

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Thanks. Huge thanks for showing me sites that I'll probably never pass by.
I run early in the morning. Or I'm on the road to work in a distant town. I do the same attempts as the nature scenery is enchanting.

Thanks for sharing, I love the sun flare effect 😃

nice channel you got

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