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In the business world of today, consumer/customers loyalty has been one of the limiting factor towards the growth of every business.

After a lot of approach taken to tackle these problems has proven to be a waste of time, a program called The customer/consumer loyalty program was established.

This is an approach adopted by brands,companies and businesses, to motivate the customers/consumers to keep patronizing the product or services.
The essences of this consumer program is to reward customers/consumers who patronize their product or services.

This reward act as an incentive to the customers/consumers to guarantee that the customers/consumers will always return to the company or business whenever the wish to purchase the product or service again.

Through this approach the global market experienced a great level of sale...

Unfortunately, this approach was only effective for a very short period of time,It became ineffective in maintaining the customers/consumers..........

This ineffectiveness is as a result of the defect or flaw of the loyalty program in different areas. This defects made it incompetent to be used by companies or businesses to improve sales.

Some of the defects that are faced in the loyalty program includes;

  • Worthless value of points, as the point which are given to customers/consumers are not worth much value when exchanged , therefore, for a customer/consumer going through the boring and time consuming verification and redeeming process is just a waste of time and energy, as they won't materialize anything much from it.
  • Another issue is due to the fact that the rewards or incentive given by the loyalty program, which are in points are limited, as a result, the customers/consumers find it difficult to trade or exchange these points into tangible things and few who do see the verification and redeeming process to be very tedious and cumbersome. As a result the customers/consumers tend to lose interest, despite the number of points they earned.

  • Another disturbing issue in the loyalty program which causes outcry is, the security of the program.
    customer's /consumer's data stored in the program are sometimes accessed or hacked by cyber crackers, thus, putting the consumers/customers at risks of having their their privacy broadcast.

    All these has made the consumers/customers loyalty program incompetent and unproductive for the consumers/customers, Thereby dissuading them from involving in the program and so Fidelity is not assured.

    Truthfully, this has affected the global market and economic system at large.......

To control this problems,

I want to introduce you to.........


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Smathium is a platform created to exploit all the emerging technologies to help combat the problems of today's loyalty program.

Using the smathium platform the company delivers on every foredeal they promised the customers and as a result motivates the consumers/customers to be faithful to company, brand or business.

It's makes use of the blockchain technologies to help combat this haunting problems which has made the loyalty program look less effective and incompetent.
With the block chain technologies, companies and businesses wouldn't have to spend much managing the loyalty program as it would be done solely and efficiently by the platform.
On this platform (smathium) points earned by the customers/consumers can be exchanged with ease and can also be traded for SMT Token...
Furthermore, it can also be used for transaction anywhere.

With all the excellent benefit accrue to using smathium, consumers/customers would be encouraged to remain faithful and loyal to the company or business by procurement of it's product and services when need be.






The smathium token is otherwise called SMT Token.
It is an ERC-20 standard token, acknowledged on the smathium platform and is used to run the program, as well as exchange rewards points.

The SMT Token plays a crucial role in ensuring that the loyalty/faithfulness campaign is successful or achieved.




Smathium is a very nice approach aimed at making the consumers/customers loyalty program efficient and competent,furthermore, it would help to involve the use of blockchain technologies in solving problems in our daily life.


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