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Enter: smartwares for smart kids. These technologically connected wearables enable parents to stay in contact with children even while they are away from the house, and many
are equipped with GPS for parents to keep track of a child’s
whereabouts without sending a “Find my child” message directly to their
cell phone. If a parent has an iPhone or an Android Smart Phone, they
can download the free child tracking application to their phone and use
it to view location information of their children. Android phones in
particular are more popular because Android apps allow for many more
functions than iPhones do, such as allowing the user to upload images
and video, as well as allowing for Bluetooth connectivity between the
phone and the device of choice (i.e., children are able to play games on
their phones). iPhone applications that allow the user to interact with
their children also make it easier to remain a step ahead of the bad
guys that have a child of their own too. Here are some ways that
children and parents can stay in close touch:

With kids smartwatch technology, you can be as active as a parent as you wish. For example,
your kids can set the time and frequency of their exercise sessions up
to twenty-four hours a day. Or, set them to run as long as they wish or
simply walk, during their free time. The kids smartwatch will track both
the distance and the time that they have run, thus giving you the stats
you need to determine how effective the program is. The best smartwatch
will let you do all these, while providing you with easy access to
their location via GPS tracking.

Many kid’s smartwares come equipped with a built-in stopwatch. This means
that when your child steps on the mat and hits the Start button, they
will be recorded, and the app will tell you how long they spent on the
mat. The more time spent, the higher the value of the kid smartwatch.
But how would you like to be able to have the same stats for your own
kids smartwatch?

With augmented reality applications, a kid’s smartwatch can link to a phone
via Bluetooth or even with a data network like GSM, CDMA, or EDGE. With
this feature, you can not only see your child’s activity on their
smartwatch, but you can also see that they are where they say they are.
This is because the smartwatch’s camera takes a picture (either
automatically or by taking an image from the motion sensor) of their
wrist and it is then displayed on the phone’s screen. The best thing
about this feature is that it not only helps you keep track of your
younger children’s activities, but it also integrates seamlessly with
your existing iPhone or Android device.

There are many more smartwatch features that you can use with the built-in
camera. Like the built-in image processing abilities, the
image-processing engine of the iPod can also be utilized in your kid’s
watch. With the iPhone’s infrared proximity sensor, the watch can take
photos of little one without requiring the user to hold the camera. This
is a convenient feature, especially for indoor locations such as
classrooms or playrooms. The built-in speaker and microphone of the iPod
can also be used to play MP3 music. If you have more than one child
with the iPod, each can have her own radio station, complete with sound
effects and video of their choice.

As mentioned above, a smartwatch is great investment whether for business
or leisure. If you want to know your child’s current location, you just
need to check the time on their wrist. For example, if your little one
is in school and needs to go somewhere, you can set her to get ready for
school and set the date and time with her watch. You do not have to get
up every single time to check her watch; it will remain accurate and
updated all the time, so you do not have to waste precious time and
energy going to the store or mall every time you wish to check on her.

When it comes to choosing the best smartwatch for your children, you have
plenty of options. However, keep in mind that not all smartwatches are
appropriate for children. There are some that can be very expensive,
whereas others are suitable for children. A high-tech watch may not be
advisable for your two-year old, since they are not familiar with
technical terms and complications. If you are buying a smartwatch for
your child, make sure that it is suitable for his age and that it has
good features.

Last but not least, a splash-proof watch is a must-have in your child’s
collection. Splash-proof watches are designed to withstand a drop from
water, thus protecting the LCD screen and other sensitive components
underneath it. These watches are also very durable and rugged, even when
they are exposed to everyday wear and tear. Your youngster deserves to
have a smartwatch that can stand up against a fall from a table or from a
bucket. Choose a splash-proof model if you want your youngster to be
safe and protected.


It is important to have a smart watch app installed to keep a track of your kid's location.

Read here to know what smart watch apps can be useful:

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