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Typically parents search for the best smartwatch for kids to have with them for their child s safety and keep them in track. Smartwatches have become a popular gadget amongst teens and children these days. You can get a wide range of models for kids, from fitness to educational devices. But do not let the number of devices confuse you as there is one that is perfect for every child and every situation. Let us see which one is the best.

When choosing a watch for your child, you have to keep several things in mind. For instance, the kid's age and current activities should be taken into consideration. A fitness watch is most suitable for teens, while a sporting one for younger kids will be more appropriate for an older child. The watch you choose must have the latest technology features like heart rate monitor, GPS receiver, and built-in parental controls. A quality product will have the latest technology features, as this is what will help you keep track of your child in activities and this in turn will develop their learning skills and be a motivating factor for them.

The other thing you should take into consideration when buying a kid's watch is whether it has two cameras or not. Kids like to take pictures of themselves or play games on the go and if the watch has two cameras, then they can share the images with their friends and this will develop their photography skills and be very encouraging for them. If the watch does not have two cameras, then the kid will be left out in the dark and this will hamper his learning capability as he cannot view the images taken by the camera on the watch and thus he may feel insecure and this will deteriorate his learning process.

Choose a smartwatch that comes with a waterproof feature. Children love to swim and this is a great way for them to get exercise. However, some smartwatches come with water-resistant features which can help them deal with these situations. But, do take note that not all watches are waterproof and hence there is always a chance of the watch getting wet due to the rain or even accidentally getting washed when you take it out for a swim. Thus, a waterproof watch with a tracker can help you check on your child whether he is safe underwater or not.

You should also consider the presence of a SOS feature in the watch. SOS stands for "social network services". This simply means that the watch comes with some of the most popular social networking services like FaceBook, Twitter, Slideshare and many others. The presence of such a feature will allow you to keep in touch with your friends even when they are away from home, by accessing the SOS and reading their posts and messages.

Another factor that you should consider when choosing a kid's wrist watch is its apps. A smartwatch comes with different apps pre-installed. There are apps for games, music and sports. While a smart phone does not come with so many apps, there are still plenty of third party apps available for purchase and download on the Android and Apple app stores. With an adult smartwatch, you may consider adding in some apps for measuring the heart rate and the calories burned as well as for tracking the distance you have covered in a certain amount of time. But again, you need to make sure that the apps that you buy for your kid are safe to be installed on the phone.

The third factor that should be considered is whether you want your kid to wear the watch on his/her wrist or if you want the watch to be worn around the wrist. With a wrist-worn watch, you can monitor everything that your kid does. If the kid has an active lifestyle, say as a runner or an athlete, you can track the workout metrics and fitness details. With a smartphone on the other hand, you can just glance at the time and see how much you have accomplished in the day or in a particular activity. If the kid is going to use a smartwatch instead of a smartphone, then you can track the workout metrics and other data that are provided by the app but not the phone.

The fourth factor that must be considered when deciding which of the two gadgets is best for your kid is the price. Believe it or not, there are actually high end and expensive fitness and health gadgets for kids like pedometers and heart rate monitors that cost hundreds of dollars. You can expect to pay $150 or more for a top of the line model. So, if your budget is that tight, you may opt for the lower priced smartwatches for kids instead.

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