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Greetings Steemians,

we recently announced that we're completely re-working Smartsteem from the bottom up and that we're planning a relaunch.

The development has been going smoothly and we're now at the finishing line, preparing a closed beta and the switch between the old version and the new.

We'll publish a concrete date in the next 1-2 days, but it will most likely be within the end of this week.

But for those of you, who simply can't wait, we've got a very small sneak peek.


Thank you for your patience and we're excited for what the future brings!


Team Smartsteem


please contact me on my discord (check any post, its on the bottom). i forgot with whom of ur team ive spoken and cant find him

Thank you for the sneak peek @smartsteem :D
That is very exciting.

Why have I not been getting any payouts from my delegation to you for the past few months?

Interesting. Did anyone reply to you so far about this issue @monker?

The sneak peak reveals too much, lol.

Well, this is what I get for voting before reading.
Never judge a book by its cover kids.

I trust that it will be exciting - fingers crossed.

Sorry, I don't catch it... should I see anything in the pic? :-)

It will be interesting (the least) to find out more
Judging from the sneak peek, it does seem super!

Thanks for the update.

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Waiting for it because today seems enigmatic, and that picture is dark really. 😂😂😂😂

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