8/07 - Updates: Increased ROI for @smartsteem & @smartmarket

in smartsteem •  4 months ago

The bear market continues and to lighten the mood, we've increased the MAX-ROI to 16% for @smartsteem (https://smartsteem.com/bid) and fixed ROI to 20% for @smartmarket (https://smartsteem.com/buy).

This change will last until the internal STEEM price has stabilized in comparison to the external exchange-price. Additionally, you will always see the current ROI at Smartsteem.com

Happy promoting!

Team Smartsteem

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I use your service often, and am a big fan. But I'm seeing something different than what you show above. Here's how it looks on my page:


Am I at the wrong site or something? Thanks!


Agree with @matthias-green I'm also see 15% of ROI on my page...


The ROI was changed as the price & demand was high enough. The ROI on the site is always accurate.

Hello! Is everything ok with Smartmarket?

Every payment was 4 sbd, except for the second from the top

Hello, please I unintentionally transfered steem to your account

Now I hope STEEM price never increases! Haha just kidding

Thanks for this.

What determine the "Available unrestricted" amount? Why do we sometimes get a partial refund and what determine how much should we put in for the purchase?
Thanks in advance for the answer.

wow this news makes me happy

I will try but I don't understand what is encrypt memo private key?
Is it important to fill?



You don't have to fill it out - it's completely optional. Only if you want to encrypt your memo.

Hello, I have sent you 10.30 SBD and your vote percentage is 7.58
which is 8 percent, it is shown in your chart on steem bot tracker. But
you have upvote me just 7.46 percent. It is not fair. Please sent me 1 percent
vote which is my right according to the chart. thanks


Hi i have up voted you
Please up vote me in return pleasee
Thank you in advance


Hey noshi,

the percentages should be rounded even at 7.46%.


how can i get promoted especially from this community, i can see me some people getting SBD from smartsteem pls guide.

@smartsteem why I have received only a penny in returns...Screenshot_20180719-201121.png

Seeking an address for the discord discussion if there is one.

I have some questions as I seek to begin reinvesting my sold votes into bought ones. Or just a dm convo.


Please upvote my post. This delay is unacceptable.


..same here. :(


Who are You? Are you human or bot?

Posted using Partiko Android


He's human. A bot would never do some of the things he has done.

Hello @smartsteem.
I send 5 SBD to @smartsteem. There is no upvote for me. I check in steembottracker and nothing is there related to my name.


Here is my post.

Could you upvote me in next round or send SBD back to me.
This is a gift for our communal account.


Hey @ptcmyanmar,

your bid got filtered out due to the post-age of the mmunited account.

We've gone ahead and added the bid to the current round, which you can monitor here: https://smartsteem/promote



Thanks for your reply.

is it possible for sbd to go under 1$?


it might do shortly but is designed to go back up with an internal regulation.

I have sent you 4 steem yesterday。Why has it not been processed?

Hi smartsteem me send 5 sbd you are not upvoted my post plz check me sir



Hi @smartsteem me send 5 sbd you are not upvoted my post plz check .
Plz send me back 5 sbd

Woow that amazing @smartsteem by the time prices stabilise we will be well off

I can not save any new changes, I get this message every time.

I've sent 5SBD but didnt get an upvote on my post. Refund please

Didn't get my upvote about a week ago. Can you please refund my 5SBD?

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hello, my referrals no longer appear in my account smartsteem. Is there a problem?

Hello, I have been selling my vote for more than a month but since three days I have not received any return on your site


, I use the translator to write sorry if found wrong

i have some steem power delegated and have not recieve anything last 2 days, please check

first of all I a fan of smartsteem and smartmarket.
but secondly, I have noticed that for two times in smartmarket when i purchased upvoting service for my 2 posts, the ROI for these two posts were each less than -5% ?!!
please can you investigate the reason why... of course i will not ask you for any compensation but now i begin to count to 1000000 before i make a purchase from smartmarket!!

thank you

I have sent you 4 steem last week。Why has it not been processed?