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If your post does not have "good quality" in their view, Smartsteem will blacklist you. They have declared that the blacklisted people will not get back their transferred money. This is very very bad. If they don't want to provide service, no problem. But they should not withhold the SBD which people send to them for up-voting. They should return the money.

Another point is that even though you have prepared the post yourself, without copy-pasting from anywhere, they may find it low-quality. I was blacklisted by them. But I could not find any reason for that. It was a news item which I prepared myself. It is possible that the reason may be that it was not a long post. Only a few sentences were there. My post was this:

I tried to communicate with them...But no response !!!
Before sending your SBD to them, please be careful !!!

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You have received your SBD back with the message that you are blacklisted and a warning that future transfers won't be refunded.

So don't act as if smartsteem withholds any of your funds.

Now, your linked post is low quality and smartsteem won't support 2 sentence posts.

How do I know that you do not support 2 sentence posts before blacklisting? You should give a warning. Blacklisting should be done only when somebody neglect your warning and do it again. Before blacklisting, I did not know, otherwise I would have used only log posts. (So, you are assessing the quality of posts from the length of post. Actually, shorter posts have more quality because it conveys the full idea without wasting the time of readers. Anyway, I am not questioning your policy.) In addition, when you blacklist someone first time, it should be for a small time period. If he violates your rule again, then only you should put a permanent ban. This is my opinion. I feel that everybody will be having this opinion.

It is very easy to make long posts. Just copy a long post from somewhere and make some changes by inserting some comma or full stops, or removing some words or adding some gaps so that Cheetah will not catch you. But long post will waste the time of readers. So, Usually, I read a full article and make it very concise in a few sentence and post it. Those who read my article will get the message by spending only 10 seconds time. That is called quality. Quality cannot be assessed from the length of the post.