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RE: Manual Curation & Changes to Bid-Bot

in #smartsteem5 years ago

On top of that, as delegators, your posts will also be prioritized.

This seems to be in conflict with this.

... there's a chance you will receive an upvote.

Prioritized and "having a chance" are on two opposite sides of the spectrum of likelihood.

I hope you dont just vote the delegators regardless of the content.

This change by a bot i can support. Not like the Stuff Booster is doing.
Im actually hoping that bots will slowly shift into "Curation services". Been talking about it for a while and i think Pharesim mentioned something a few days ago about trying it. I havent done the math to see if its possible but if a high curation eff. can be maintained i dont see why not.

This change is #newsteem. You have my vote.


Im actually hoping that bots will slowly shift into "Curation services".

I agree with you, it's a difficult thing to do but I think they have to try. It can be a way to save the investor and give the right reward to those who produce valid content.

Well stated. There's going to be a lot of experimentation in reaction to the HF. The projects with the best ideas to adapt will be the ones that survive and thrive, this is in contrast to the ones that lash out at the community in their death throws.

Im actually hoping that bots will slowly shift into "Curation services"

This seems like a good step in that direction. This goes way beyond simply implementing anti-abuse measures you should have already implemented months and months ago.

Nothing regarding anti-abuse is simple. A user can behave completely fine for a year, and out of a sudden promote content that is clearly classified as abuse. You might still remember the banfield bathroom incident.

However, there are plans in the works to fight abuse like never before. Whether those are successful is not guaranteed, but we're doing our best.

Agreed, but there's a wide gap between attempting to and not bothering to. If that is the plan then I applaud those efforts.

Once we've done the re-design, we'll be monitoring the progress. If the situation does not improve, moving away from the current promotion model is of course on the table. But we're confident to be able to improve things.

Regardless, this is still great news!

Prioritizing means that delegators have a higher chance of being discovered, as we're watching more than the new section. Our feed is filled with post from delegators, as we're automatically following delegators with 500+ SP delegated. We might reduce the number, to not punish smaller users.

But overall these are all are dynamic changes in reaction on the post-HF21/22 situation.

I know what you wanted to say, just needed you to clarify. 😉

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