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in #smartsteem3 years ago

the new world order sucks ass ... it's a move to regulated fascism and i'm starting to fear the next one is "seizing assets" from enemies of the state so the pig farm can stay well-fed ... it's a moral disaster and a black page in steemits history :) ... and from the looks of it not too good for business as i see so many of the masses, euhm middle classes flock to it onboarding like hell the price has

dropped cent after cent overnight ?

im scared to check it anymore actually ... so we'll be waiting for that long-term vision to kick in then :)

and also for smartsteem to fix the 57% return of what it was for delegators is now back to what it used to be ... nothing positive about this so far but people who post $20 posts suddenly seem to post a lot more , that's what my lists here show :)

no offense, but whoever voted on this can carry the consequences so pra y they turn out for the better

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