Smarrphones with Best Resale Value

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If you are the one who likes to use a new phone every month, you know how much it depreciates to sell the old phone. In this post I will the smartphones that holds their most vale when selling used at-least where I live (Pakistan). I will compare smartphones from 2016 of different brands and will list the price on which they are listed for sale online.



The first on this list is the Apple’s iPhones. They hold their value the best where I live. For comparison a used iPhone 6s which was released in late 2015 can cost up-to 30,000 PKR which is equal to around 260 USD and the Samsung Galaxy S7 which was released 6 months after the iPhone in 2016 is available for around 25,000 to 28,000 PKR which equals to 220 to 230 USD. In the case of selling iPhones are also on top. For example, if you buy an iPhone 6s in 30,000 PKR and use it for around 2 months, it can still be sold for at-least 25,000 PKR which is around 220 USD, in my opinion it is a good deal.



The second on the list is the Samsung smartphones. They do hold their value the best in android smartphones. For reference Samsung Galaxy S8 which was released in 2017 can found used in 55,000 to 60,000 PKR, at the time of release it was around 80,000 PKR new. After one year it has lost around 20,000 in its value which is quite nice. I’m using a Galaxy S8 which I bought for 50,000 PKR and if I sell it today I’ll easily get around 45,000 PKR and I have this phone for around a month now. Before that I had another Galaxy S8 which I bought for 53,000 PKR and sold it for 48,000 PKR after using it for one month.

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