Flower needle

Hello, all of you are friends, now I can now write the latest one at this time.

Hello semua sahabat steemit apakabar sekarang saya sekarang baru dapat menulis yang terbaru saat ini.


This beautiful needle flower Butterfly is also very fond of this needle flower, this needle flower has beberpa color.

Bunga jarum ini sangan Indah kupu-kupu juga sangat menyukai bunga jarum ini, bunga jarum ini memiliki beberpa warna.

I took this flower photo of my needle at my grandmother's house and I just took some pictures.

Saya mengambil foto bunga jarum ini di rumah nenek saya dan saya hanya mengambil beberapa gambar saja.



  This photo was taken by my smartphone camera.

Hello brother @lightsplasher I just today can write the latest lightsplasher brother in good health.


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