Durian, I miss your weird and wonderful flavors!

in smartphonephotography •  5 months ago

The Angry Coconut - AKA Durian Fruit

It has been months since I returned from my little vacation to Malaysia. I was always warned that Durian's smell would puncture my nose and tickle my brain. That was indeed the case, but in a good way. Wherever you go in Malaysia you are most likely to find Durian. Not once did I think that it smelled bad.

Today was the first day that I actually missed and craved it. Like in really crave it! Think its time for another holiday...






Taken with my Samsung Note 8

Test 2.png

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Did you like it? You can be honest with me. :-)


I honestly did. =) Most people say the smell and taste is too intense. For me the smell and taste was fine. The texture is a bit strange but other than that I had a great time trying it. =)


I am glad that you like it - that the smell and taste didn't put you off. :-)

Sharper then it looks? That looks rather sharp to me. What kind of animals would want eat it in the first place for such a defense lol.


I thought it would be easy to hold, since the spikes are evened out a lot. Not the case. Hard to break open as well. No I also wonder what animals eat them and how...


A fruit that fights back. Least you did not have to break it open cave man style by smashing it on a rock.

Does make me wonder all the different recipes they including it in. Every time you ever see someone talking or eating about it they are just having it raw.


You never heard of scalpelus serratus? It'a rare type of monkey that only eats durian fruit and porcupines :D


Nope not those kinds of things in my area hehe.

So... I've got to be honest.. I've never heard of that fruit before. Where does it grow at??? Much love!!


Durian fruit grow in Malaysia. I also just recently discovered them. Their nickname is Angry Coconut.

Some poeple love them and some hate them. I had a good experience with them. Extremely strange and unique taste.


That's cool... i think prickly pear is the same way.

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Wow, Someone else on steemit with a CTX, us CTX boys should stick together.
Nice fruit by the way.