May into June

The sun is setting on May and June is upon us. Its almost summer, the days are longer and the city is vibrant with life and colour.

Victoria BC-1.jpg

I'm always amazed by the colour of the world.

Hope everyone has a great Saturday, I shot this on my iPhone so no watermark but I did a little editing with my trusty VSCO app. Love it!


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lovely evening................

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Warm picture for a big city.

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Nice view, perfect timing to catch sunset, since it quickly get into dark,

The color of life is a great force in life,An honor can read your post @scottdphoto

How is the color of your life today?

My question I address to steenial friends all over the world, the color of life is a light of magic.from the creator but it is addressed to ourselves the way of life.

what should we do to give a better life color?

which triggers success in life is how to apply yourself with creative ideas and imagination to do positive things, like clockwork that keeps on turning as well as a journey of life that will never return to the past.


Something great that we will get by doing something useful for ourselves, friends and others around the world. The light color of success will be born in our lives.

See you on the top

Supper fantastic photography
I love it
Great working on steemit platform

Sabes de una tormenta solar en el dia de hoy?

Wow nice photography after the sunset when night rolls in on the horizon. The city of lights looks great. The sky scrapers are also amazing. Good work overall.

Great photo. Always amazing to see the colors in the dark but Where was this photo taken?

lovely sky

Amazing photo keep up the great work

A beautiful sky and a lovely view, for me I visualize romanticism, I love this photography.