It’s Caturday Somewhere...

in #smartphonephotography5 years ago (edited)

Not quite yet here. But I’ve a rather ambitious catless post planned for tomorrow🤞🏻

So on Friday night at 11:25PM PST...

I present...

Max’s 4️⃣ stages of dealing with...well...pretty much anything and everything!

Drumroll, please...

1️⃣ Hœłÿ Füçkįñg Šhītttt! (The dude is bi-meow-al)

2️⃣ I know I can jump that far...

3️⃣ Please Bastet...get me out of here and I’ll never break another dish again!

4️⃣ Alas, sweet surrender, thine nectar is the sweetest taste of all!

Note to self:

  • Max is wise
  • Much to be learned from Max
  • Be more like Max

My cat :)


That is one HUGE cat! 🙀

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I would say that there's a lot to be learned from cats :) Max is super cute, I'd love to torture (pet) him a bit.

Hahahahaha! You’d encounter the same 4 stages...likely with a 5th thrown in: sheer panic. 😸

Aw, Max! Such angst!

He’s a funny boy. Sweetest, gentlist Cat ever. But he’s super sensitive. Abt virtually everything.

Nice photography and the cat is very sweet, I love it.

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