Mushroom Update

I’ve been checking on my mushroom crop under the fir tree and raised one of the branches to view a whole bunch more mushrooms that I had not seen before:

Mushrooms hidden under the fir tree branch – click for viewing full screen

These ones look to be a bit old for eating but they made for a nice picture.

Finally, today I harvested one of the newer ones and looked it up for identification. Based on the color of the cap and pores and how they turned brown on bruising, I think I have found a match: Chicken Fat Suillus

The edibility is listed as ‘good’ so I figured I would try one of the caps. I tried a small piece raw and the flavor was alright. Here it is all chopped up and ready for frying:

Chicken Fat Suillus chopped up for cooking – click for viewing full screen

It fried up very moist and got more slimy with frying. I sat down to some cooked up with garlic and butter for a taste test for lunch today. A bit slimy in texture and very reminiscent of chicken fat. Taste is not bad but not choice. Perhaps eating them in a savory tomato based sauce, soup, or stir fry, might make a better tasting meal.

Chicken Fat Suillus with butter and garlic – click for viewing full screen

Not dead yet. Wish me luck, if I don’t post again for a year or more you all can probably guess what might have happened. LOL.

In other mushroom news

Found an article today about some theories about how mushrooms might be helpful for bees. Apparently someone noticed that bees like to eat the fluid that comes off the mushroom mycelium often moving wood chips to get at the moisture.

You can read more about it here if interested: How Mushrooms Might Save the Bees

I’m glad I have mushrooms growing in my yard. Even if they are not the most excellent to eat they do provided a variety of benefits.

Thanks for reading! I always value your support and comments. The pictures were taken by me with my Galaxy S9+. Text and graphics copyright 10/7/2018 & weku/@litesplasher.


I love mushrooms but would be so apprehensive to eat any I found growing in the wild. But those did truly look delicious ... anything with fat in the name tends to that. Just be wary of those with red caps, but I am sure you know that:)

I've not eaten any wild mushrooms recently but when I found these in my yard I had to see if I could identify them and see how good they were. The mushrooms with pores are easy to identify so I think I have found the right one. I used to eat more different types of wild mushrooms. I hope to see some more of your postings, I miss reading them.

Thanks, LS. I did take some seasonal photos last week and I have some fun Halloween poetry. I am hoping to getting around to posting soon:)

The food is looking so standard. A great picture taken by you. Great you are broo.

Yeah mushroom better for make curry and feel like we eat chicken curry. I know you more times eat mushrooms and better recipe you've. Best images @lightsplasher.

A mushroom curry over rice sounds good. I might try that next time.

Great information of mushroom news.excellent photography and valuable post
Thanks @lightsplasher
Have a great day

You are brave! If it was me I would eat it and turn the page to the next mushroom that looks exactly like it - BUT is deadly. I would ie with my face planted on the very page lol. Be well, mushroom notwithstanding!

Yes, there are many mushrooms that do look very similar. The key is to know what to avoid and how to look at very small details in order to find a good identification.

That is cool @lightsplasher that you have some edible (hopefully LOL) mushrooms growing in your yard.
Perhaps you can cook them with soysauce or with stir fried noodles. :P

Putting some into ramen noodles with an egg sounds good. I might look for some more out in the yard after this recent rain.

So are you still alive???

Oh ya! Never better, hallucinations optional, LOL... Just kidding, I was pretty positive on my identification of the mushroom before I tried it.

Tnks for staying with us. Please if u feel free upvote me.. i need ur support

You may be the bravest persin I know! Great photos... I still think they look like pancakes when they're growing in the yard but when you cut them up I can see why they're called chicken fat!

Thank you! They were not the most choice wild mushrooms that I have tried but it is nice to have them so close and available in my yard.

Wow, it is very fun that friends with mushroom plants, friends every day can eat delicious food, whether this mushroom can be harvested every day, friend.

There are a lot of them coming up but they don't last too long when stored. I suppose you could harvest them and dry them out. The mushrooms around here come up mostly during the rainy season, so I doubt they will be there during the summer months.

Your joke is too dangerous, he ... he ...

no one expects that to happen to you, @lightsplasher

For the future, I suggest, if you find a new type of fungus, you should ask the experts around you first, or give the mushrooms to animals such as chickens or ducks first.
so that something that we don't want doesn't happen.

Your cuisine looks very tasty.

thank you for sharing @lightsplasher.

He... he... Oh, no worries, I was pretty positive about the identification. There were some bite marks on the tops of some of the mushrooms, so I think something was eating them. Perhaps a rabbit - there have been many of them around this year.

wow. I am very curious how it feels if these mushrooms are fried, it seems very tasty.

In my country it's mushrooms, and it's very easy to get and very tasty to fry my brother

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