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The sun is out and I have a lot to do today so I thought I would just make a short post with a picture of the art object on my desk that I took this morning. This art object was made years ago and given to me. It came from Japan. I’m not sure who made it or how it was done. I think it was one of the early methods of using a laser to etch the glass. I’m not sure if you can find this kind of thing now - I haven’t really looked in the stores much or searched for it on the net.

A picture of the frog, lily pad and dragonfly desk art – click for viewing full screen

I’ve been trying to get the lighting just right on the art object. It is more difficult than you would think. Sometimes the light reflects very nicely off the corner of the object and scatters into colors. It is fun to see what comes out on the camera. If you play around in the digital darkroom you can make the picture come out differently and show off different aspects of the lighting – I find it fun to try different things, there is a small levels adjustment on this picture that was taken in HDR by the camera.

Crypto progress

I’ve been watching the continuing sideways trading of BTC and hoping for a move upward. I finally sold a small amount at pricing lower than my more recent purchase price. Maybe you could think of it as somewhat of a loss but I tend to sell the highs and by back low with this market so I think I probably came out ahead.

I’m spending most of my time looking into decentralized trading and trying to see if there are any good workable solutions at the moment.

I will keep everyone posted if I find something I really like. I just thought I would check-in with a short post.

Thanks for reading! I always value your support and comments. The pictures were taken by me with my Galaxy S9+. Text and graphics copyright 10/4/2018 & weku/@litesplasher.


Hello my dear friends,ho are you

Hi @kabil I'll doing fine, the weather was very nice today and I got a lot done. How are you?

thank goodness my friend. if you are fine, i am really happy if you are okay, i am also fine

Lighting art is a challenge, especially for photos! I'm slowly getting a little better at it, outdoors seems to work best for my paintings, but during winter that kinda sucks lol

3D graphics is a lot about lighting - it is a fun challenge to get things looking their best. I was really into that for some time. I may get back to it at some point. I guess I got a little bit demoralized after putting a lot of time, effort and cash into it only to have my software mostly discontinued and having some difficulties in business efforts.

" I guess I got a little bit demoralized after putting a lot of time, effort and cash into it only to have my software mostly discontinued and having some difficulties in business efforts." Sounds a lot like my experience with Facebook lol Slowly finding new ways to share my work that don't put algorithms between artists and their followers. Which reminds me, I gotta get into Weku!

Seni yang sangat bagus teman saya @lightsplasher, saya sangat menyukainya.

Terima kasih, kawan, semoga ini diterjemahkan dengan benar.

Saya senang melihat mu bisa bahasa indonesia,sahabat tercinta...sangat benar sekali😊😊👍

Oh, I can't speak Indonesian at all - I just run it through Google Translate, lol. :) :D

It is very nice to be able to use it for translation.

hahahahaha .. as if you could speak Indonesia it would be very pleasant right

sorry friend if my words are difficult to understand.

No problem at all. I am happy that there are many different languages and cultures in the world.

I like to hear the language spoken by friends, because I am very happy to hear the words spoken by friends. thanks.

very unique thing, this is my friend @lightsplasher, I think the maker is already very expert in the art of painting.

Yes, I should have written down more information on who made it. I don't remember who it was. There is a character written in the art object but I think it translates as something like "frog pond" as I recall.

yes. my friend @lightsplasher, I think it's only natural if a friend doesn't remember about the information and the creator, because this painting has been made for a long time and even took a few years ago.

I can see a bit of prism effect on the corner with the rainbow. I am a sucker for all things glass like that. I have a water drop shaped pendent hanging from my truck mirror that shoots rainbows all over the inside of the cab if the sun is right. I know Newton was one of the first to realize that "white" light actually contained all the colors. He used double prisms to first split then recombine it (unsplit) lol. Cool stuff. Have a good'n

There were a couple effects like that up and down on the corner, I was lucky enough to capture one of them but couldn't get both to show in the camera. I really like these prism effects too - you've probably noticed.

There are a lot of interesting qualities about light. Is it a particle or wave? The double-slit experiment always intrigued me as well.

Absolutely! It can give you a regular headache when you really think about delayed choice and quantum eraser experiments!!!

That is a really cool art piece,

Thanks! Yes, I've really enjoyed it over the years. In different lighting and locations the appearance changes a bit.

That is so delicate and beautiful! I like how they laser these figures. I know what you mean with the reflective light. So hard to catch it at a good angle without the glare.

Thanks for the update on your crypto experience, I always like to see how others are doing! Yours sounds a lot more exciting than mine! :)

I hope it is going to be a really exciting time for all of us. There is so much happening now and in the works. I think this last quarter and into next year should be a good run but you just never know what the markets will do.

That is perfect work. wonderful smart photography
Thanks /@lightsplasher
Have a great day

Wow.thts great picture. Verynice photography.
Brother how are you. Hope u okay.
Feel free please visit me. Im awaiting

Hi, I'm doing fine. How are things there? I don't hear much news from where you are at.

wow.... perfect @lightsplasher

Good art shots @lightsplasher. Taken in HDR by a smartphone camera. And I really like the [carved] artwork in the glass box on your desk.

Thank you. The smartphone HDR is a bit disappointing compared with processing everything by hand with a good high quality camera but it is so much more convenient and easy to do. The artwork is really a nice 3D sculpture, I have enjoyed it a lot over the years.

Yes, this is a very good work of art.

Very good picture it was.

Hello lightsplasher. I am new on that. Please see my blog

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very beautiful my friend @lightsplasher, i really like it.

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