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Hello Steemians!

For my weekly post, I thought I'd share some pics of my trip to upstate New York not far from the border of Canada - to the Lake Placid/Whiteface Mountain region, which held the Olympics in 1932 and again in 1980. The Adirondack Park is 6 million acres, 2 million of which is owned by New York State, providing the largest publicly protected area in the United States. My son spent 5 years in school there, training at the Olympic Mountain ski area and it was nice to explore little nooks and crannies with my handy-dandy iPhone to capture some lovely places like the red barn pictured in the post and the little pond I found by accident on a hiking trail or the tall grasses under a dramatic sky to that cloud-dotted sky itself! These are the moments that I live for and love and I'm so happy to share with you!










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Thank you!


Where was this upstate ? I used to live upstate for 14 years before moving to NYC, it’s so peaceful and quiet there compared to NYC

Hello my dear! This was in Lake Placid. Very cold, but pretty area! And like you say, so peaceful compared to NYC! Wow, 14 years upstate? Where did you live?

You know I am a big fan of your photography! Those are amazing! Perfect captures of nature beauties!


Awwww thank youuuuuu! I'm always so happy to see you! Puts a smile right on my face! I hope you are well!
Cheers back! :D

That's awesome! And thanks for the support you gave to me!
I'm always so happy to see you
Glad to hear that :D


Big smiles! And cheers! :D

@ilanaakoundi Nice Photography :) I like the Filter used in Pictures & Nature is Amazing :)

Thank you so much!

congratulation.. nice pic

Amazing nature and the pictures are amazing more wonderful shots my dear and great trip btw i missed you

Awww thank you very much Soufiane!

Beautiful pictures and nice trip!

Thank you very much! :D

My last shot

Really i enjoy your post and photography

Thanks so much! Appreciate you stopping by :D

Outstanding smartphone photography mam.
Where you mam?
Are you busy?

Thanks my dear! Yes, it's been busy, but always nice to spend time here at Steemit! Hope you are well! :D

You are looking so sweet mam

This picture is amazing @ilanaakoundi

Thx Sarah! Appreciate it! :D

Most welcome @ilanaakoundi

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