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Hello Steemians!

Many of you who know me know that one of the things I love to do is to create Still Life. Many moons ago I used to paint them but now I use my trusty iPhone. Even the most daily items can make a beautiful Still Life and lately it's been raining a great deal in New York City so I've been indoors more than usual and as it happens I've been buying a lot of tangerines because they are in season and because my family loves them so much. With time indoors and the fact that tangerines are very pretty, especially when you can get them with the leaves still attached I was hit with inspiration. I love the fact that Still Life traditionally depict everyday objects, elevating them to Objects d' Arte and so I couldn't help but try a few different scenes --here are three-- with some lovely tangerines! And boy did I have fun with various set-ups and, of course, eating a few along the way!

Hope you enjoy Tangerine Dreams as much as I enjoyed creating it!




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Thank you!


Very interesting still life. I like!


Nice shots!

my last shot

oh my dear this is a great and wonderful job i like how choose the position and w
how you mix colors great job my lovely i feel comfortable and hangry lol

Smiles dear Soufiane! Thank you so much :D

Amazing photography @ilanaakoundi , I must post some photography like this ,
i love orange color :) keep going (y)

Thanks very much! :D

wonderful smartphone photography mam,

see my new post mam

Thanks dear! :D

Welcome mam

i love orange, thanks for share it @ilanaakoundi

Thank you kindly! :D

These are all so awesome!

Thank you very much! I appreciated you stopping by! :D

wonderful photography @ilanaakoundi, you likes a professional photographer @ilanaakoundi
check my profile

Thank you Sarah! :D

Most welcome@ ilanaakoundi.

beautiful...i love the colours of it :)

Hello my lovely Claira! Always nice to see you, and thank you very much! :D

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