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Hello Steemians!

The other morning I got out nice and early because we had a small snow the night before and I was excited to see what Central Park looked liked the next day. Plus, I wanted to get a shot of a wonderful snowy tree for my new original Steemit series My Favorite Tree!

The first photo got my vote for My Favorite Tree for this post! But there was so much loveliness, I decided to add a few other shots to give you an idea of what the very busy New York City can look like in tucked away spots like my neighborhood on the Upper West Side, and with a fresh dusting of snow. It's pretty!

So without further ado, here's My Favorite Tree





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Thank you!


I do not really love the snow ... but seeing your pictures I have to say that it's a magic for the city. Fantastic pictures!

Oh I don't blame you! The snow is quite lovely at first but then it's terribly dirty! Always so lovely to see you! Thanks for stopping by, my dear! xo

very nice pics. The last pic looks like cotton.

such white photographs.

great shots again my dear the snow give it more magic with this magical lighting and colors great job
this is my last Queen

Lovely Soufiane! Thank you for stopping by!

Wow....again...such a wonderful and interesting photography collection by @ilanaakoundi mam...
Actualy I'm realy like fristone....without leaf...tree have creative artwork...
Lastone is sky....without leaf tree...wonderful combination for click...
Totaly wel done mam...

Thank you very kindly!

wonderful photography. @ilanaakoundi
please see my post mam

Thank you my dear! x

Wow!! this is really wonderful all trees, lOoking fabulous. This environment and snowy weather is very cOol, that's why beauty of tree too enhance. No after see these trees mine also favorite One ^_^

how are you my friend ? what's going on?

Things are good. My daughter was home from college this weekend! That was so nice and we have amazing weather from the snow. Today it will be almost 70 degrees! How's life for you? I hope well!

thankyou I'm well, and I'm busy now a days in my beautician work, cause now a days marriages season start so.. and in free time time I'll spent here time on steemit and my own hobbies :)

Oh yes, the marriage season is a busy one! Best of luck! x

This is my first time looking at your blog. I saw cell phone photography.

I'm new join in steemit 19.2.18. please mam follow my post once

Thanks so much for stopping by! I'll check your blog out!

Beautiful photos! I froze from just imagining myself there hahaha

Hehe! Now we have rain and all the snow is gone! It's a case of waiting for Spring! Thank you so much for stopping by! :D

You're welcome! :D

These photographs are really beautiful; I even felt the cold and the longing.
Congratulations @ilanaakoundi

Thank you very kindly Gabriela! x

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