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Hello Steemians!

I was meeting a friend of mine the other day for drinks, recently we saw each other when I was in Paris and now she was in New York City. We were thrilled to have the chance to get together again so soon! She wanted to meet up at an old haunt of hers (when she lived in NYC) called Cafe Loup on 13th street off of 6th Avenue (it's a pretty cool place filled with original black and white photography). As I was crossing 6th avenue I looked downtown and caught a glimpse of the Freedom Tower shimmering in the distance. Of course, as a native New Yorker I remember seeing the iconic Twin Towers and it being quite the view. It pretty much summed up what it was like to be in New York and while I love the new building for a small moment I missed the old ones. But only for a moment. The sky was super pretty and Freedom Tower even so far away looked superb!


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Thank you!


When do you coming to Sri Lanka! I hope one day you will do! Amazing photography! More than a photography it looks like a painting of a great scenery!


Hey there! I hope you are well! I can always count on you for good cheer! What a fun idea to visit Sri Lanka! Maybe one day I will! And you to New York?
Big cheers back! :D

Definitely I will visit NYC! Your photography and the way you get them always helps me to learn something new!
Yeah it might be a good idea to visit SL! Sunny beaches and good foods always here ;)


Oppps it's been a long time my dear i hope everything goes well with you !!!!

fabulous smartphonephotography @ilanaakoundi
please see my blog @ilannakoundi

you are a great photographer, i like your photography

Very beautiful to enjoy. You take photos with a very amazing ability with your favorite smartphone. Really very beautiful my friend. Thank you for sharing the beauty and happiness.

Have a wonderful day @ilanaakoundi!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Hope yours is wonderful, too! :D

Greetings Ilana!🙌 Great picture, really if it looks really amazing the Freedom Tower in the distance.👌👌

Hey there Jose! Nice to see you! :D

@ilanaakoundi - Ma'm it's remarkable to see a zen & peace in a busy town... It feels due to outstanding photography of you ma'm...


Thank you so much! :D

Thanks a lot for this information
One of the most beautiful........excelent photography....../////

Thank you! :D

Amiging smartphone is super veiw of sky.this is a art of nature.i like this. thanks for sharing.....@ilanaakoundi

Thanks kindly!

fantastic, mind blowing photography mam

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