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Hello Steemians!

When I first started street photography back in 2015, it was as if I had stumbled upon a world I hadn't realized existed even though those daily streets and the people upon them had always been there. My eyes were open to a new way of seeing and I was excited. The problem was I didn't know how to use a camera. First off, I'm dyslexic and for whatever reason my brain does not understand the basic principles of how a camera works and therefore I have traditionally stayed away from photography. However, I do have a Fine Arts education from both high school and college, so I have a trained eye and understand the concept of composition.

I have a smart phone! And because I do, I was able to start taking photographs when I was never able to do so before. It was very freeing. And fun! It was a great creative outlet, too! Soon after, I became part of online groups sharing mobile photographs and slowly I learned, I got better. I entered international contests such as the one Lensculture puts on every year. Some photos were well received, and much to my surprise I was offered a portfolio space on their site. I was stoked! Still, it's been an experience of what many artists go through; questioning myself, wondering whether or not my photos were actually good. Asking whether or not mobile photography is actually photography at all, many photographers with "real" cameras say it is not, and I respect that. It didn't stop me, however. After all, everyone has to act according to their own hearts and souls. And so I proceeded.

Fast forward to 2018. After being published in online magazines and being nominated for a few mobile photography awards and featured on Instagram hubs, I decided to focus my work on a series rather than just taking random shots. I chose a theme: Moments of Being. Photographs taken in NYC documenting dynamic moments in which a strong personal presence emerges in relation to a distinctive public space. Then I was invited to put my photos into a contest on Instagram which happened to have a similar theme by two excellent mobile photography hubs which have featured my work, bnw_demand and 1415 Mobile Photographers. The theme; Metropolis. How Does the Metropolis Affect Your Life. The contest culminates with a single award, which I don't have much chance winning but I thought I might as well get my work out there. At the same time another Instagram hub and online magazine, Linklens, asked to feature my black and white street photos and I agreed, sending them 8 of the Moments of Being series and I am now awaiting their introduction with excitement. This is the first time more than a single image of mine will be featured to the public!

I guess this is the long way of re-introducing a series I started for Steemit a while back called City Scenes in which either black and white or color photographs I've taken in my hometown of New York City was showcased.

And so, without further ado, I present to you the latest installment of City Scenes for Steemit! the 8 photographs I submitted to Linklens for publication.









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Thank you!


Classical and vintage shots you are a professional :)

Thanks starboye! So nice to see you here! :D

i doubt it. you can be hardly a professional with a smartphone. images looks good but its all post processing. and automatic process made by an app. nothing to complicated and arty in my opinion.

Very good ... I like street photography :)

Thank you!

you are welcome :)

You're doing great with smartphone photography yes true Professional cameras hard to use but there is some classes can teach you how to use DSLR as a professional but i think you found your artistic eye with smartphone photography good luck my dear in your career

Thank you dear Soufiane! Always so nice to hear from you!

Awesome photography of street its an incredible color outstanding. I loved it your shots always you pic up nice clicks and amazed me any time. In deed inside thought your every picture !!
yOu have wonderful weekend @iliaana :)

Thank you for stopping by, dear! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, too! xo

most welcome! can I get your discord link?

this is dazzling street photography as reliably you tap the awesome minutes into picture they are perfect minutes you top the photograph marvelous.
Please see my new post @ilanaakoundi

Thank you dear! Will do!

images (21).jpg

Thank you! xo

wow very excellent post Thanks for sharing i will done upvote....///

Thanks very much! :D

What a wonderful pictures you take with smartphone, i think i have a very long way ahead to be like you, I take my shots with smartphone too but they're not like such professionallity !!
I will follow you to Learn more from you :)

Thank you Soufiani! Yes, practice is the best way to get better and better! I wish you the best of luck!

Thank you very much i will walk behind your steps :)

Thank you Soufiani! Yes, practice is the best way to get better and better! I wish you the best of luck!

Wow ,what a amazing photography. every shot represent a new stroy. These photos are marvelous @ilanaakoundi..

Thank you very kindly! :D

These images are truely awesome because of these images I become your fan @ilannakoundi.

Thank you again! smiles :D

Your work is great, always. Regards! @ilanaakoundi 👋👋

Thank you Jose! Always a pleasure to see you stop by! :D

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