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Hello Steemians!

In the midst of spring break with both kids home from college, life is busy with mom duties ramped up, and I'm packing for a trip to visit my husband's family overseas. So I will be away for a week. Before I leave, however, I wanted to share some lovely scenes in my original Steemit series, My Favorite Tree of Central Park from last week when I took a nice walk with my daughter. We went to a particularly wonderful place in the park at west 86th street. The lay of the land there is very pretty and its framed so nicely by the buildings that sit beyond it. There's lots of flat ground steps in from original gates on Central Park West that's perfect for a picnic and for kids to play anything, from soccer to softball, I even once saw a game inspired by Harry Potter, called Quiditch.

Dotting the grassy flats are some sweet trees. The first photo is the subject of this post, My Favorite Tree as you will see it proudly stands out amongst the busy landscape surrounding it. It's not always easy to find a lone tree in New York City. In most cases, they stand amongst other trees so maybe I need to rename this series to "All the Pretty Trees" in Central Park. Hmmm...I'll think about that and maybe you guys can help me come up with a cool title for the tree-life in the famous Central Park.

In the meantime, here are the wonderful trees from the walk with my daughter the other day...







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Thank you!


beautiful pictures, as always

Hi my dear i was waiting you i already check the feed and i find your post happy for that, as always great job.
hope everything goes well with you.
Are you available on discord or steem chat i need some advices from you!

Thank you Soufiane! Always so nice to see you!

I have not set up discord or steem chat! But ask away...

Just forget
Happy to see you again well :)

central park is one of the best places anyone can ever be. its so quite and peaceful right in the middle of new york. many memories have been made there in so many years now can't forget

@ilanaakoundi Very nice view. Especially this picture is very similar to the places we were hearing about at a young age. I wish you a good and enjoyable trip. Do not forget to take some beautiful pictures. I will be waiting for it ♡

Awesome photographs. Am propelled by the heaps of cell phone photography am seeing here and I'll be taking a gander at what am not doing great to get photographs as near this ones.
Please man see my post

Looks wonderful... This is so soulful that you keep an eye and look around while you walk otherwise most people today don't even get a moment to cherish the nature as they are busy peeping in their smartphones. Btw Beautiful pictures

Looks like a great photo and beautiful place,,,,,thanks.....////

Everything is still covered in snow that's so beautiful to see looking so beautiful

Hi @ilanaakoundi, Such a fantastic photography taken form near by your environment. Seems like a silence background. Little bit snow fallen there. Trees live without their leaves. But tree shown their proud. Glorious photo shots. Have a nice day.

you are very talented friends in the art of photography, every piece of your work is very moving and we really like it. the way and the image you produce is really very beautiful and charming. one day I will ask you to become a photography trainer for me. and one more thing, hopefully your trip abroad please friends and do not forget to make further pistingan about your journey. My little request, if you have spare time, please correct a little contents of my post so that I can be more advanced in producing the work. Thank you, dear.

hello dear, how are you today? have you got your trip?

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