Partiko Testing—-> First Post, Application Quick Review!

During PYPT with the lovely ladies @artemisnorth, @thekittygirl, and @snook who covered for @shadowspub while she’s attending a Steem conference in Canada, there was a sweet application announcement.

Shadows stated there would be upvote rewards when we use Partiko, so here I am using it for the first time. The download was fast, sign-in was uncomplicated with SteemConnect, and ploading one photo has been easy. (Appears to be a one photo max.) A quick post is easy to create and a similar feel as Steepshot!

I tried made a quick comment and it works perfectly. The app features a cool slider that tells you how much SP you have and how much a percentage of your upvote would be. A nice menu is on the bottom that makes this app user friendly.

Overall this app looks promising, I’ve seen others use it but quite honestly thought it was a Droid app. LOL! So thank you Shadows for sharing The Knowledge.


Eagle Spirit

PS Photo was taken during my qi gong classes this past weekend. Lovely flower arrangements were everywhere, so you may see more. Taken with my smartphone.

Posted using Partiko iOS

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flowers are gorgeous and remind me of Nectarines with the coloring :)


yay nectarines! i these colors in roses, but then i love all roses. :)

Grrrrrr... I installed the app on my Android after reading this... Partiko changed all of my color setting and everything in my messages app. Ahhhh. I couldn't find a way to change me back either after the install.
At first I thought I was going to have to factory reset my phone but then I went to /settings/apps/messages and force stopped then deleted all data and cleared cache and that did the trick.
Shwooo... I can breathe now. I think I'll stick with the oldschool way of doing things.


oh noooo and i know ppl with droid that use it fine!! soo sorry, what you experience is what usually happens to me!!


It came back. :( going to have to factory reset. I've had other apps do similar things and it's just frustrating living with tech type thing.
80% of all my icons are now pink and the background is super bright white..

Force stopped again, cleared data and uninstalled messages app which caused it to revert to a previous version. It probably uses some of the same code or store it's settings in some odd place but at least now my icons aren't pink and the bright has went back to normal


holy crap! that sounds aweful and i usually hear bad things about apps but not this one 😮



Wasn't the app. Google's update. It is what it is.

Thank you for sharing this information. I also assumed it was an Android app as I’m so used to having to wait for an iOS version to come later! I will have a look at this now. Thanks again :)


tysm and let me know how it goes! mine went well but above my droid friend had issues 🙈

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I have been considering Partiko. I was intrigued by the point system.
Someone said that they can be redeemed for upvotes?
That got my attention.
Anyway the roses are beautiful! My favorite color because the petals retain such rich color when dried.


@headchange something like that i think, yeah in the future somehow but not right now? i dunno its a lil confusing but it seems like it will be great when HF 20 will be released ... biting my nails. yay thank you so much about the compliment. much love, xoxo