On Top of the Country!


We took a bit of a climb today to get a better view of the main ranges. This is taken from Mount Perisher, and looking out toward our Aussie ‘back country’. It might not be anything like Canada or Japan - but there is plenty of good terrain to be explored out there! We could see some fresh snowboard tracks from where we sat.

The second photo shows the little bit of climbing we did to get to where the first photo was taken. It wasn’t far, but pretty steep and icy!

What a glorious day!



esa fotos es tan espectacular que bonito se ve todo la nieve todo excelente tu post

Damn my upvote is worth squat right now. Sorry!

True, it may not be the Rockies or Sapporo snow, but it's the best we've got!

Have you been to Queenstown? I was researching (briefly) the climbing conditions of Ben Lomond Mountain. I've climbed it in fair weather and it was an accomplishment for me to say the least.

I was considering it again soon.. but might have to wait for warmer weather. I don't want to kill myself. Ha.

No, Ive only ever been to the snow in Australia so far. I’ve done a little bit of climbing in Central America but apart from that I just cheat with chairlifts most of the time to get to the top of a mountain.

Give it a few more years and I’d love to get more adventurous.

Good idea about not going in winter and killing yourself though! Lol

Ah. Chairlift cheating isn't so bad. Sometimes you have to push yourself though!!!

You got to get over to Queenstown. You'll lose your shit when you make that climb. It's damn hard, but doable for regular Joe's like me. I spent half an hour sitting in the shower recess in pain after I returned. Amazing tho. Weirdly enough. :/

See you there!! Haha. Best trip ever!

I climbed to the highest peak in Central America when I was a younger backpacker. It was 4000m above sea level and a 2 day hike. Challenging but absolutely awesome!

Haven’t done anything like it since, but would love to climb some mountains in NZ when I have a little more space in my life.