Watching the Sunset from the Arun LNG Gas Refinery

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Hello Steemian...
How are you all today, may be healthy always and successful in the move.

Setting| 1/3185 sec / 2.2 / 3.5 mm / ISO 114

Watching the sunset is very exciting and happy to see the majesty of God's creation. We can watch the sunset wherever we are and of course with different atmosphere will add beauty at sunset.

We can watch the sunset over the mountain, on the beach or from the height of the building and of course the scenery we see vary depending on the location.

On this day I watched the sunset at the edge of Ujung Blang beach, Lhokseumawe city, Aceh. I took a picture with my smartphone at sunset between the Arun LNG plant. The view of the sunset is very beautiful and becomes an afterthought for us all as human creatures.

The sun sets as a sign of God's power, for that we must always be grateful until now the sun is still spinning on its axis so that life keeps running normally

Setting| 1/2105 sec / 2.2 / 3.5 mm / ISO 113

Setting| 1/1114 sec / 2.2 / 3.5 mm / ISO 114

Setting| 1/3676 sec / 2.2 / 3.5 mm / ISO 118

Setting| 1/1681 sec / 2.2 / 3.5 mm / ISO 112

Photos By @armiden

Life in the world is only temporary and before the sun rises from the west let us begin now to do good and repent to God, because when the sun will come out from the west and immersed from the east then human repentance is not accepted by God.


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