Keep in mind 11 purchases of smartphones

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It is not possible to run without smartphones all. But while buying this smartphone, do not keep anything in mind.

Then the hazard may obstruct. So, while trying to buy a smartphone, I will try to tell the things that keep in mind today.

  1. Body
    There are two kinds of smartphones available in the market, metal bodies and plastic bags. If your phone is often read from your hands, you should buy your metal body phone at the sight.

  2. Display
    If you have the tendency to view photo editing, video and movies, you should definitely buy 5.5 or 6 inch screen phones. Must have aspect ratio of 18: 9. And in terms of resolution, there should be flower hd and 1920x1080 pixels.

  3. Processor
    The process of receiving the phone differs. If you use a lot of apps, edit photos and videos, or play a lot of games, the best for you is 'Qualcomm Snapdragon 652' or 'Snapdragon 820'.

Again, in the CPU of a set, the number of processor core determines how fast the phone speed will be, or how much the work can be done together. Octaor's processor might think that it's more powerful. But more than that, the quadco processor is more capable than that.

  1. Camera
    Whether it's a front or back, the camera's megapixel grows as if it's always a good idea. So buy the phone at the time of purchasing the phone's ISO, pixel size, autofocus etc.

  2. Battery
    Smartphone BatteryLife depends on users. If you use the app on the phone during the half time of the day, you will need a minimum 3500 MH battery. Using less than 3000 mAh battery is enough.

    Because the smartphone is very personal, so the phone with 'extra security' phone, such as fingerprint verification, folders lock system, etc. should be bought from the phone.

  4. Front faceing speaker
    Often the phone's audio sound is reduced within a few days of buying a new phone or sound can not be heard properly during the video editing. To get rid of these, the front faceing speaker phone should be bought.

  5. 64 GB Internal Storage
    Buy phones with at least 64 GB internal storage. Then you will not often have to work empty space.

  6. 4GB RAM
    The RAM capability depends on how fast your phone can download the app and how fast you can do a lot of work. So if you want to use heavy apps at a faster speed, then at least 4 GB of RAM will be bought.

  7. The latest operating system
    The latest operating system Android 8.0 Oraon phone will be able to get rid of the previous operating system's vulnerabilities.

  8. Data connectivity
    For data connectivity, there must be a connection between the 4G volts.

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