Smartphone damage..........the skin.

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Smartphones can have a direct role on the skin, due to the rapid aging of the skin, excessive bleeding, bronchial problems, and multiple skin problems. At least this is known to many dermatologists in the world.

A recent study has claimed that the effects of blue light coming from a smartphone, tab or laptop are not only the loss of the skin but also the rapid aging of the skin. This blue light is harmful to our skin just like the sun's ultraviolet light. Dermatologist Dr. Dwyer of Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. Joshua Zicana said that speaking with Bluetooth earpieces can not be effective in reducing the problem of skin disease or skin by not having a phone with ears and cheeks.


New York Dermatologist Dr. According to Este Williams, the microbes attached to the phone may not cause much damage, but sweat, oil, makeup and dust with them may stop the romance. This leads to acne infection. So it is important to keep the phone clean. Rubbing alcohol with the phone cleanses the germs, oils and dirt all away.

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