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mornings sir hope you are feeling better now wish you a happy healthy and prosperous life <3

Good morning

Sure you should , didn't saw your photos for long time..

Still take the camera with you @gamer00 because you might still see some things to snap regardless of the fog.


The fog is the whole point. The fog is conducive to great photography.


OK. I c. That is great.


Like Markku said... In photography it goes a bit like this: The shoddier the weather, the better the photos.

And it's also true in reverse: Can't expect to get very good photos if the day is clear and sunny.

There are exceptions of course to everything, but generally speaking the best weather for photography is an overlit, cloudy sky. The thing about sun is that it is too bright and too small (that is too far) for a light source. It creates a huge contrast and that is considered bad for photography. Unless you actually want that sort of an effect, but that's a different story. :)


Wow, interesting. Thanks for the enlightenment. Have always thought that photographing is better in clear and sunny weather.


For taking close-ups or macros of flowers sunshine is actually best. Why? Flowers tend to be translucent which is why unwelcome shadows and contrasts are often avoided. Also, adequate light is a requirement for macros. It's difficult to go wrong with too much light in macro photography.


I would disagree. It is not really about the amount of light, but the harshness of it. It means the smaller and more potent the light source, it will create awful reflections and very harsh contrast.

Editing such photos is also a pain because they almost always get burned out highlights. An evenly lit flower photo is much more pleasant to process in a darkroom because it doesn't get any artifacts caused by the light source being too hot.

And this holds true even for macro photography.

As a simple example, a good all encompassing flash (using umbrella or a softbox) is much better than a single straight flash, even if the amount of the light produced on target is the same.

Seems like I will need to write a chapter on this.


The maybe sunny weather is best only when you want to take pictures of shadows.


I think agree with both you and @gamer00 LOL. The approach I take is to snap the picture in any weather, whatever comes out, that is what I say I was after. If it is undecipherable, I then add it to the guessing game! See how easy photography is LOL

Of course you should taken it, you are a excellent photographer.

Wow! Such a beautiful foggy morning. I appreciate your amazing smartphone photography.

If you will not take your camera with you then it would be really unfair for all the nature lovers. So, you should take your camera with you so that you can capture some awesome shots for us @gamer00 :)

Well am certain some of us just live for foggy

Exciting day ahead for sure looks a great start :D

Yes! You might get some weird and spooky photos of UFOs landing in thick fog!!

Have a nice day!

"Nice and foggy today, should I take the camera with me today? :)"
Definitely. You can make great photos in the fog.
Just like the foggy forest in this blog post.
By the way, the weather is not foggy, where I live. It's just raining.
Quietly raining since the evening/night. I don't remember when it's started, but we have a lot of rain in the beginning of September of 2018.

Good morning friend. at the moment of writing are 6:20 am in Venezuela. Nice photo, Friend Jaro I think you should always upload your camera landscapes of your passion are impressive. a cordial greeting

@gamer00 - Sir it's a beautiful photography... Good morning you too Sir... <3


Yes, please!

Good morning my dear friend @ gamer00, how are you? Back in Steemit, I found his great image and how good it is to wake up with a climate of this magnitude, the only thing missing is a good coffee! In your case I would not leave without the camera or I would opt for the option of using my cell phone



I am fine. Our whole family got the flu, so my Steem activity became a bit erratic again. I do have some new photos to post though, so maybe tomorrow. :)


If this happens almost always when a family member has the flu, it is contagious with everyone in the home, I fully understand that you have almost no time at this time, I hope they recover soon and you can return

Morning! It looks a cool morning. Is it that foggy today?

Good morning. You absolutely should! :)

Definitely you should bring the camera with you! Anyway you made a great photography by using smart phone! It's misty and yeah wonderful! Nice to see you in action again!


Good morning too @gamer00.
That's huge foggy condition there. Looks like heavy rainy.

Yes why not


Sunny and hot here!
Have a good day bro.

hello good morning its cool foggy weather there

Fabulous photography,wonderful place,

Good morning too Mr. Jaro...
That's fantastic imagine you thumb up to us. Foggy condition feel more cold to us. Nice photography.

What a lovely Weather. Fresh and froggy

Good morning too

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Beautiful and stunning shoot.