How to Fight Smart Meters and 5G With Liabilty Action

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Great article and videos on how to fight smart meters and 5G smart grid with liability action. Use the same legal tools to beat the system and get rid of that smart meter off your house.

Remember you need to get rid of your smart meter otherwise you probably will get sick with one of these health problems:

-Appetite Disturbances
-Attention Deficit Disorder
-Auto-Immune Diseases
-Cardiod-Vascular Diseases
-Cell Damage and Cell Death due to DNA mutations
-Chronic Allergic Reactions
-Depression and Mood Disturbances
-Immune Dysfunction
-Impaired Fertility
-Inflammatory Responses
-Kidney Disease
-Neurological and Behavioral Effects and Disturbances
-Neuron-development in Children
-Oxidative Stress to Cells and Mitochondria
-Pre-natal Damage, Miscarriages and Birth Defects
-Sleeping Disorders

Not to mention your house might catch fire!

Here is the template for your legal action to demand removal of a smart meter:

Or you can sign up for the notice of liability using these templates here:


Need to look into this before they try to put one on my house.

When they send a notice of the upgrade just refuse the upgrade. They are trying to re-negotiate your existing contract which you have right the refuse it.

Fuckers..I just left the usa and moved to Bali..that eradicated both chemtrails and this Biologcal Weapon of Mass Genocide & Control...:P

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Heaven Yeah!!!...Rocksome post BroStar @deepwatercrypto!!!...Josh del Sol who made the film "Take Back Your Power" was one of my first friends on Fascistbook before he ever made the movie...This is a most excellent share with great value for those with eyes to see and ears/hearts to listen...You Rock!!!...Upvoted..ReSteemed...and followed...Mwuah & Cheers!!!...<3 <3 <3