Enjoy a fun time at Smart Media Group: Karaoke Party night//Disfruta de un rato divertido, en Smart Media Group: Karaoke Noche de fiesta

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Vibrate with karaoke steemit!

¡Vibra con Karaoke steemit!

Join the Discord of Smart Media Group
Unirme al discord de Smart Media Group

If you want to have a fun and different time, dare to accompany us with karaoke songs on the discord channel of Smart Media Group, on the channel to sing and talk #Venezuela Voice and to chat # team-venezuela you will be all welcome.

Meeting day: Wednesday, July 18, 2018, at 8:00 p.m. Venezuelan time (00:00 hs UTC, 00:00 pm GMT)

Suggestions to participate:

  • You can sing in any language.
  • Pre-select your song list, for when it's your turn to participate.
  • Enjoy the moment, you will be the star of the night.
    We wait for you, do not miss the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and be the protagonist of your own singing show.


Si deseas pasar un rato divertido y diferente, atrévete en acompañarnos con canciones de karaoke en el canal de discord de Smart Media Group, en el canal para cantar y hablar #Venezuela Voice y para chatear #team-venezuela serán todos bienvenidos.

Día de encuentro: miércoles 18 de julio de 2018, a las 8:00 pm hora de Venezuela (20:00 hs UTC, 20:00 pm GMT)

Sugerencias para participar: Puedes cantar en cualquier idioma, ten preparada tu lista de canciones, para cuando toque tu turno de participar, disfruta del momento, tu serás la estrella de la noche.

Te esperamos, no te pierdas la oportunidad de conocer personas de todas partes del mundo y ser el protagonista de tu propio show de canto.

Smart Media Group, is a team led by @bitcoinparadise and @gyzimo which is composed of a great team of people who will attend you in a pleasant and friendly way in its different channels for each particular interest. In addition, it has a professional team of curators in diverse areas. In this channel Discord of Smart Media Group you can share great moments and have people who can support you if you need it.

Among the members of the team, who share every day in this beautiful community of Smard Media Group, you can find: @Yogi, @bitius, @heaterville, @headconer, @ackza, @Rainier, @mrsanchez, @mvd , @bosun and many more, join us and be part of our great family of friends, who build and work as a team.


Smart Media Group, es un equipo liderado por @bitcoinparadise y @gyzimo, que está compuesto por un gran equipo de personas que lo atenderán de manera agradable y amigable en sus diferentes canales para cada interés particular. Además cuenta con un equipo de profesionales cuaradores en diversidad de áreas. En este canal de Discord of Smart Media Group puedes compartir grandes momentos y tener personas que pueden ayudarte si lo necesitas.

Entre los miembros del equipo, que día a día comparten en esta hermosa comunidad de Smard Media Group, puedes encontrar a: @Yogi , @bitius , @heaterville , @headconer, @ackza, @Rainier , @mrsanchez , @mvd , @bosun y muchos más, únete a nosotros y se parte de nuestra gran familia de amigos, que construyen y trabajan en equipo.

And where is the appointment, for the Karaoke Night Party?

Join the Discord of Smart Media Group
Unirme al discord de Smart Media Group
Image credit @zainenn, Edited: @ angelica7 in GIMP

Images taken from pixabay (free use), Edited: @ angelica7 in GIMP, Logo: Smart Media Group


Welcome to this publication, I'm glad to see you @bitcoinparadise will be great, do not miss it. I wait for you.
Good energy.


I'm very happy to see this image, you made me laugh. I hope you @headcorner organize your songs, so you can sing with us.
Good energy.

8 pm means 1:30am my side... may be sleeping mode activate 😉

Hello @sam0014
You sleep in the morning and you are active for the night, I wait for you. I count on you.
Good energy

Will try to join you... !!

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What an honor, thank you for the support.
Good vibes.

i'm so excited about dis

@bitius I love seeing you on my blog. I'm very happy to see you here and I'm surprised by the gif. Thank you.
I wait for you in Karaoke night party.
Good energy.

thank you @angelica7 , i think that gif was a bad choice i'll change it with this one ;)

hahahahaha thank you @bitius that beautiful choice.
Good energy.

@angelica great idea for making karaoke with our frnds and relatives :)

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It's a great idea, I'll wait for you @jannatehimachal
Good energy.

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ohh my goddddd!!!! ;);)

I hope you @adri525 prepare your collection of songs, do not miss the karaoke party.
Good vibes.

Karaoke nights are real fun.
I have been to many

I'm glad @anishag then I'll wait for you, at the karaoke. To hear you sing.
Good vibes.

Saludos Angelica, excelente.
Un Abrazo

Te espero @henjos espero te animes, la pasaremos genial.
Buen vibra.

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Buena vibra.

PromoTed your post daily send me sdb or steem @pgl143

Mi momento a llegado

Nos vas a deleitar con canciones, no veo la hora para escucharte.
Buena vibra.

Mas finoooooo allá nos veremos

Bienvenido, me alegrará verte.
Buena vibra

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