Attention Smartlands Scam allert?

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What do these logos look like? a copy???

smart logo.png

Smartlands vs Evergreencoin

Today I received a notice on my twitter that I want to share since a few days ago I presented you in a Smartlands post:

The notice I have received is the following and speaks for itself:

twitt evergreen.png

It is almost surreal that Smartlands has launched its platform with this logo, I do not know the legal part of copyright, but WTF?

and i wonder:

if I were the thoughtful behind smartlands what would have led me to put this logo? It is obvious that the alarms were going to jump in days!

The lack of delicacy in this detail indicates that something stinks.

@beiker <3

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Scam or logo designer fired?

yeah!, this kind of "signals" really indicates a bad business...
Thanks for sharing!

Please let the public know what you guys think about this.

I've made a post comparing the two logos in more detail:



Excellent @arfonzo


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they used even in the same font. quite nice copy-pasting, but in twitter they keep arguing that there is nothing to do with plagiarism

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It does look like a copyright infringement issue, but I think it is possible that it could have been coincidentally. There's a gray area and I am not sure what to call it, but sometimes things you saw or heard get stored in your subconscious and then when they pop into your head, you think that you came up with them. Have you ever started humming a melody and think you came up with it, only to recognize the song later? It's possible that something like this may have happened with Smartlands. Considering that the it would take significant rework (not a ton, but some) to create a logo with different branch points, I think there would be easier ways of stealing someone else's graphic design work.

probably scam